Armed Ex-Servicemen Bodyguard Protection in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India,Damian Mcclough , England

PSO Devender has been a massive and an important part of our own team, while he has been attached to us. I am more than happy with his work dedication and ethics.This mission would not run as smoothly as it has without his help and assistance.


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Armed Bodyguard Protection in Remote Villages of India, Simon Franklin, England

Just to say your PSO(Personal Security Officer) was excellent, we drove 600 kms over two days through villages with the highest crime rate in India. He managed the two days with excellent professionalism assisting with route planning, where to stop for breaks and site safety at the paper mills we visited. I would thoroughly recommend Denetim services.

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Bodyguard protection for Solo Female Traveler in India visiting Taj Mahal, Aneet Haba, Hungary

I am satisfied with the service provided. Denetim Bodyguard provided a very safe , professional environment for my stay in India. I would recommend hum anytime

Thank you for the excellent job!!

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Bodyguard Protection for Hollywood Staff  visiting Delhi and Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Bodyguard for security in Udaipur

Simon Dinsell, United Kingdom(UK)

Security Officer had wonderful presence on-set, powerful and lends a good atmosphere of safety and calm. I have filmed in 81 countries and have rarely enjoyed better security


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Bodyguard Protection for International Foreign Travelers Group visiting Delhi,Agra & Darjeeling, India

Bodyguard Security in Delhi India

Carla Besh, United States of America


The security services provided by the bodyguard were very professional. He character is very nice and willing to answer questions. I felt very safe in walking in crowded markets with him. Highly recommended for women foreign travellers to India.

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Bodyguard Protection for Female American International Travelers in Delhi and Agra ( Taj Mahal)

Trained and Disciplined Security officer in India

Kellie Krieser, Executive Director, Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Thank you!! We had excellent service from two guards!! They were helpful, professional and patient. We appreciate their kindness and would recommend them from future work.


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Anna Stepnova and Berk Cosheen, Ukraine and Turkey.

Thank you for helping us all 3 weeks, being out friend and providing excellent service. We had really good time and really appreciate it. Hope to see you again. Thank you

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Bodyguard Protection for American International Travelers in Delhi and Agra ( Taj Mahal)


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Security to International Travelers during their 10 day trip to India at Taj Mahal, Agra

Security during India visit at Taj Mahal

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Lord Russell, Managing Partner, Luxury Academy, London – Visit to Mumbai


Thank you for organizing the personal security for my recent visit to Mumbai. Aziz was a pleasure to have with me for the week. As you know the street traders and beggars can be very persistent but Aziz did a marvelous job of ensuring they are politely kept at a distance and his two younger daughters gave me the most thoughtful gifts, it was exceptionally charming of them.


I am looking forward to you to be able to assist with my next trip in a couple of months.

Security Services for International Traveller in South Mumbai

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Katie and Andrew Rasmussen, United States of America,

Couple visiting Delhi and Taj Mahal, Agra

Before our trip to India I was nervous about safety based on recent news stories coming from Delhi. I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to hire a personal security detail for our trip. He thought the idea was a little bit ridiculous, but he agreed to do so. After doing thorough research, we decided to hire Denetim Services to provide a Personal Security Officer for us during our stay. It was very obvious immediately to both me and my husband that hiring a security officer was a great idea. Both my husband and I are tall and blonde, and our presence at many places attracted quite a bit of unwanted attraction (men attempting to take my picture, people staring in an uncomfortable way, getting too close, etc.). Whenever this happened, our security officer, Surrinder, would immediately put a stop to this kind of behavior. He was wonderful and a joy to be around, a very kind man! He was very attentive and was always next to me making sure I was safe. Especially in the crowded markets and historical sites of India I felt very secure with Surrendir watching out for me. He and Denetim Services made our trip to India very relaxing and enjoyable. Without him, there would have been some very stressful situations!

Thank you again Anubhav for all your help during our visit! We had a great time in India because of you and your services!

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Private Security during trip to Taj Mahal, Agra New Delh India

Kathryn Smith, United States of America,

Solo Female traveler visiting Delhi and Taj Mahal, Agra

I decided to hire a personal security officer from Denetim for a day trip to Agra. Two days before the day trip I unexpectedly had to move it up a day. That evening Anubhav was easy to get hold and at last minute was able to find someone to go with me the next morning. He even said that he could try to arrange a car if need be. The next day my PSO Sanjeev arrived at my hotel right on time. While I likely would have been fine in Agra on my own, it gave me great peace of mind to have Sanjeev with me; plus, it was nice to have the company. If I ever find myself traveling alone in Delhi again, I will not hesitate to call Denetim. Thanks so much to Anubhav and Sanjeev!

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Harman Arora, Mahindra Source Pvt Ltd – Bouncers/ Bodyguards Hired for Event

Thanks and appreciate your services. The service has been upto the mark and there were absolutely no issues. Bodyguards had efficient training to handle situations.


Julie Gregory , United States of America

Both guards were excellent throughout, our two week trip in India. They were extremely professional and very helpful. I always appreciated their warm smiles and kind greetings. And of course they did a fantastic job of watching over us. I wish them all the best

Amalia Hakobyan , United States of America

Great guides, very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, seem to be very experienced and made us feel safe and comfortable.

Lara Olgiati, Switzerland

Both guards were helpful, friendly and nice. I felt more more safe and comfortable when walking around with them

Lig Jeier, United States of America

Guards were very professional and helpful. They were also very courteous. Glad to have them on our trip

Bodyguard for foreigners in India

Emmun Deed, United States of America

Both guards were helpful and nice, I not only appreciate their presence but their assistance as well.

Mathew Seyffert, United States of America

You guys were great, I felt safe and secure the entire trip. I will definitely recommend you to anyone traveling to India.

Rohit Chandna, Delhi, India – Armed Personal Security Officer for One day security service

Thank you for providing me with your amazing services
I really liked the officer he was awesome and very polite
His body built was next level
And the dedication towards his work is awesome I wish I get him as my pso again.

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Olivia Heynes, United States of America

Thanks so much for all your help! I had a wonderful time – India is such a beautiful country. You guys were awesome and so helpful. Take Care!

Security officer

Samantha, United States of America

Very Much appreciated, very helpful and very nice. I felt safe and often relieved, thankful to have them

Tyler Sadutto, United States of America

Everything was great. :)

Bodyguard protection for foeigners in India

Tera Coffey, United States of America

Really enjoyed having the guards around. I regret not getting to know them because they seemed to have a lot of valuable knowledge to share.The few times we did need their help I was very glad to have them around, particularly at the ATMs :)

Martin Kandus, Slovenia

Could not wish for better people to accompany us on our trip to accompany us on our trip thorough your country, India. Between our evening and our tours you were extremely flexible, helpful and showed us the meaning of India hospitality, in my eyes you were true “gurus”

Kasimir r Koblinski, Germany

Amazing guys who let me feel safe through entire stay in India. I also enjoyed meeting them on a personal level. Even when they joined us during our drinks, they were not just our bodyguards, but also a friend who is part of the group.

Senya Webster, USA / Canada

Throughout the duration of our stay in India, I felt privileged to have you guys with us. I felt more than safe at all times. you two are sincere, kind hearted people I have met in my travels and it was my honour to talk with and learn from you. If you ever come to Swtizeland or US , please do not hesitate to contact me!

Sonyah Seiden, United States of America

Excellent Services! Both guards were funny, pleasant and very attentive. They always made sure to locate the whole group. I will definitely recommend them when my school returns next year.

Emily Cheishna, USA , Germany

Thank you very much for keeping us safe.


Garima Mishra, Head -Business Development , LifeRenew Wellness Pvt Ltd – Noida, Bouncers for event in Noida

We recently hired your security services and I am very happy with the level of professionalism Denetim exhibited.
Your security team was just the right mix of polite, firm yet a sound protective armor required for executing such events. The team was punctual, courteous and displayed high sense of duty.

Thanks once again. We shall surely hire your services as and when the assignment demands.


Dan Brown, International Author, Best Seller books – The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Inferno and many more.

Sir Dan Brown was given security for his travel to New Delhi and Mumbai for a period of 7 days – 8th -14th November,2014. Denetim Services is honored to provide the best security for protection in India. Sir has reviewed us and signed a copy of The Da Vince Code.


Dan Brown visit Delhi Safdaurjung tomb with security


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Caroline Newbury, VP Marketing and Corporate Communications, Random House India, Penguin Random House


Thank you very much for arranging such excellent security around Dan Brown’s visit. Both Dharmender and Surendra were absolute professionals through the entire 5 days we hired them. Polite, with excellent manners and well turned out, they worked very long hours every day without any complaint or problem. They handled every situation perfectly – from sight-seeing in busy Delhi streets to managing our author in the middle of a 2000 person event, as well as looking after all other members of the party – they were professional, calm and courteous in every eventuality. They were a real joy to work with and made the trip run completely smoothly. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.



Archit Chenoy, Entrepreneur – RIP India Pvt Ltd – Saket, New Delhi – Car – Audi A6 -Automatic

Looking for a driver is by far one of the most cumbersome and tedious activities
I have ever been involved in, and I therefore outsourced this to my office manager.
She managed to come across Denetim Services and I’m glad she did. Both Sonya and
Anubhav were extremely professional and super meticulous and the candidates
they sent were the best by far.
Denetim services is a whiff of fresh air in an otherwise unorganized and
dysfunctional industry.
I wish Anubhav luck in all his endeavors and congratulate him on
running a very tight ship.

Zsuzsanna Kovács, Solo female traveller from Hungary

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Denetim Sevices to everyone. I was a solo
female traveller in India and I felt protected and secured during my one
day tour to Taj Mahal. I had a private car with driver a bodyguard and a
private tour guide as well (who I meet at the sight). My bodyguard
protected me from numerous unwanted photo requests too, which allowed me to
enjoy the sights fully. Everyone is professional at the company. Special
thanks for the flexibility and quick response
to my inquiry. I had a great time thanks to your excellent services.”

Petru Chlebeicke Tbilisi – Georgia

“Guards were very helpful and friendly to our group. We ended up knowing the security very well,while they provided us security making us all feel very well.”


Personal Security Officer Bodyguard for protection in India

Solange Pittet – USA

Professional and polite, these two made us feel perfectly safe. More than protecting us, they were friendly and entertaining. They deserve a pay raise

Jennifer Byram – USA

“The security guards were a great addition to our trip.”

Johara Alangar Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

“Having the security with us definitely made me feel safe. They were very professional and co-operated well with each other. They were also very friendly and protective.”

Armed Gunmen for safety in India

Fais Al Zaib – Muscat Oman

“The security guards were very professional yet extremely friendly with us. They took necessary measures to make the students feel safe”

Bodyguards - English Speaking for Protection during travel in India

His Holiness Drukpa Gwalwang being provided security cover with Ex- NSG gunmen in Delhi. Denetim is proud and honored to provide best possible security services to His Holiness

Sabina Krieger – Switzerland

“Very Nice People made me feel secure and safe. Really made an effort to get to know everyone personally. Could not ask for better”.

Francesca Pardini – USA / Germany

I think the security officers were really friendly and good to talk to,especially to get perspective of India. I enjoyed their company

Audrey Matreyer – USA

If anything, our two security officers made me feel much safer when touring public spaces in India ( India Gate, Markets etc ). More importantly, both officers were fantastic link to ” real India” and contributed to the overall understanding of the country.