Bodyguard for foreigners traveling to New Delhi and Darjeeling

Bodyguard Security in Delhi India

Bodyguard Security for foreigners visiting India. The team of travelers visited New Delhi and Darjeeling.

Carolin Renner, Switzerland

The Bodyguard for great protective security. He was always ready and motivated. I’m glad he was always with us , I felt protected and sfe.

Karolina Soromayor, Ecuador

The bodyguard was a great travel companion. I felt very safe!!

Erika Reyes, United States of America

The security services provided were beneficial to the group

Jessica Borgert, United States of America

The bodyguard was helpful when navigating large crowds / markets. I would definitely recommend  him to a large group especially women.

Rachel Bichardson,

Thank you so much for keeping us safe. I never felt unsafe and really appreciated the level of professionalism maintained . So kind as well

Maria Celis, United States of America

The bodyguard did a wonderful job. I always felt safe and he was unobtrusive. Thank you very much.

Carly Besh, Uniited States of America

The security services provided by the bodyguard were very professional. He character is very nice and willing to answer questions. I felt very safe in walking in crowded markets with him. Highly recommended for women foreign travellers to India.

Elena Mcquire, United States of America

The bodyguard did a great job of assisting in safe sightseeing in Delhi and Darjeeling, two very busy cities. He was unobtrusive and vigilant, and also had a good sense of humour. Would Recommend such security services

Bira Kohlberg, United States of America

The bodyguard was more than professional, fun, interesting overall. just adds to the trip. Best you an get !!!


Trained Security Officer for foreigners India

The Bodyguard was present even during the festival of Holi, security services require being with the traveller throughout the duty, starting from the airport and ending at the airport.


Bodyguard Security in Darjeeling

The Bodyguard traveled with the group from Delhi to Darjeeling and returned with the group to Delhi, finally ending the duty at the airport.


English Speaking Close protection Officer

Groups with International travelers attract attention of villagers and locals throughout the journey. Bodyguard is always attentive to ensure safety and security of the travelers.


Bodyguard Security for Foreigners

The management of large group requires us to send the best security men for duty with proper guidance and communication channels open throughout.

These bodyguards are English Speaking and can understand and provide support as required during the travel. With management with the Bus staff, with the hotel staff, administering the schedule for avoiding delays.

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