PSO / Bodyguard / Security Officer

Denetim provides Armed Guards, Close Protection Officers(CPOs) and Personal Security Officers ( PSOs), Bodyguards. We are known for thorough verification and complete background check. All Armed Guards and Personal Security Officers ( PSOs) hired by us have armed EX-ARMY, EX-CRPF, Ex- BSF, Ex-NSG, Ex-SPG background. Most security officer commandos have 15-20 years of experience and have been Bodyguards, private security of VVIP and renowned celebrities in India.

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Bouncers for Hire  

Hire disciplined bodguard bouncers with quality training and experience of handling all kinds of events from roadshows, festivals, concerts, marriages and crowd control. Denetim also provides bouncers for gate restriction. We have the superior training and selection techniques to ensure best security. All Bouncers hired have 3-4 years of experience in handling crowds and have worked in pubs,clubs, valuable goods protection,marriage security, VVIP protection. We are situated in Delhi, with Bouncer security strength for hire in Mumbai,Pune,Goa, Hyderabad and other parts of India.

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Safety for Foreigners

We have been very careful and methodical in our approach for ensuring protection of foreigners in India. We provide Bodyguards, Security Cover and Transportation for International Travelers to India. SAFETY AND PROTECTION OF INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS IN INDIA.
Foreigners traveling to India have many doubts about safety and security in India.

Denetim Services helps foreigners get verified and trusted English speaking security during their travel to India.

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Why Denetim  

  1. Individual Background Checks for each Hire
  2. Finger Print Scan kept for security
  3. Police Verification ensured for each guard
  4. Trained to Expertise
  5. Random Verifications by company management staff
  6. Technology trained security staff
  7. Honesty is our prime belief

We can provide security officers, bodyguards, ex-servicemen armed and unarmed according to the customization of the client. Hire a Personal security officer for hours, days,weeks or on permanent basis. Every security officer is a guarantee from us of best security and safety

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Car Drivers / PSO Car Driver

Denetim provides quality drivers which have experience of driving all kinds of cars – Automatic and manual. We specialize in PSO / Bodyguard with driving skills.
Permanent Drivers provided by us will have the following requisites:

  1. Verified and thorough check of previous experience
  2. Extensively Tested for Driving Skills
  3. Basic/Good English Speaking Skills
  4. Customized for understanding regional dialects
  5. Well Trained for Geographical Knowledge pertaining to your area

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Security services

Denetim as a security guards agency provides the following services in India. Denetim is expanding and working towards Delhi and Gurgaon as the main areas of focus as a security guards agency. We have been providing PSOs / Bodyguards / Private Security all around India.

  1. Corporate Security
  2. Industrial Security
  3. Bouncer Services
  4. Residential Security
  5. Banks / ATM’s
  6. Event Security
  7. VVIP Protection Services
  8. Airport to Airport Security

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