PSOs / Bodyguards in India


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EVERY Personal Security officer. Bodyguard, Close Protection Officer(CPO), Armed Gunmen,Private Security personnel is hired after complete verification, experience check and validation of all documents specially their discharge books and validity of arms gun licenses.
In today’s world we need quality protection and safety in case of any unwarranted situation. Safety when traveling, attending events , marriages, social functions, celebrations. For all these situations we need protection and safety from most trusted sources.

Denetim Services provides Personal Security officers / Bodyguards for your protection. We have an office in Delhi , but we have been providing security personnel to various companies all around India specifically in metropolitan cities – New Delhi,Gurgaon,Noida Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh

Every hire, every deployment will be well trained, have proper experience and provide stress free protection.

 We have specialized Personal Security officers / Close Protection Officers for child protection and child security cover anywhere in India. We have special ex-servicemen who have years of experience in child protection.

We provide specialized female security officers as security officers as well for more information visit – Female Security Officers / Female Bouncers

Duties of Personal Security officer / Bodyguards

  1. Maintain Safety for Client at all times
  2. Manage security for events , social gatherings
  3. Manage Travel Movements – Car , helicopter, Movement plan for VVIPs
  4. Control and Maintain arms available for unforeseen circumstances
  5. Provide every sort of logistical help
  6. Detect, Report unusual events , circumstances to the client.

The personal security officers(PSOs) provided by us have unmatched quality and discipline, PSOs for hire available for deployment have rich experience of providing security to Politicians, Celebrities and VVIPs all around India.

Bodyguards can be very useful for events, functions and other public gatherings.

Quality Security requires giving client importance first, thorough verification procedures and consistent follow up



Rules strictly followed for PSOs / Bodyguards control by Denetim Services

1)    Time Adherence

2)    Rules and Regulations adherence

3)    Dress Code – Safari Suit preference

4)    Only taking orders from direct authority.


Denetim Security provides specialized services in regards to security. The concept of keeping the VVIPs’ Celebrities and other important people safe with quality professional protection.



When a person views any threat to his life or life of  his loved ones then hiring an appropriate security personnel is one of the best options available. Today most VVIPs, Industrialists, Corporate Heads have hired security cover for their family, specially for their kids.


Denetim Services is providing  PSOs/ Bodyguards  service to people from all areas of the societies. Some of the following are:-


1)    VVIPs

2)    Political families

3)    Diplomats

4)    Celebrities

5)    Important Businessmen

6)    Royal Families

7)    Witness in Protection program

8)    Women, Girls traveling in Delhi, Goa or any other destination as a tourist

We only hire PSOs after all are checklists are positive and have provided us all required verification.


PSOs / Bodyguards officers hired by us DO NOT have ANY criminal case or police case


We do not hire any security men with any background that gives us a hint of any incorrect behavior

Denetim has been working hard to build a quality Personal Security Officer / Bodyguard team which can be used by important VVIPs , diplomats, International travelers.

 The specifically trained Bodyguards, PSOs, CPOs can handle any situation For more details please visit our Frequently asked Question Section

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