Security Guards in Delhi / NCR

What we do for providing security?

Compulsory Guard Training with frequent updates

Intelligent Ex-Army based supervisors

Trained Dogs for Fortnightly supervision and verification on every premises guarded by us

Security Services that cater all around Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Hyderabad and other cities in India

Why are we professionally different ?

Professional – Education and upbringing is what makes the Denetim team stand out. We find this sector unorganized and intend to make it a efficient journey for anyone using guard services

Livewire – Denetim services is building a communication channel that can be operated through internet and provides immediate feedback and support from Denetim back office.

Denetim Services was formed with the concept of proving organized services where there is no organized services available.

We provide the following services:-

  1. Security Guards, Bouncers for Hire
  2. Armed Bodyguard Drivers for Hire
  3. Modern Unique Dog Security with handler

Denetim Services is established in Delhi and has presence in many cities around India including Mumbai..Our Objective is to ensure security that is customized and fulfills the client requirements with appropriate balance between vigilance and control. We do not compromise on hiring security officers that give us quality security services. It is of absolute importance that we are able to hold a quality relationship with our clients to be able to serve as the best security company. Crime rates are at there all time high with increase in migrant population looking for labor work the families feel insecure leaving there kids and other members home alone. This is an area where we can provide residential security to match the client needs with experienced , well built and specifically trained guards for 24 hour at your residence. Residential Security also needs to hold the sanctity and privacy of every client. Denetim makes special effort to raise the level of competence to another level.

 Security Guards

Hiring Security Guards is easy in India and employers can make their own choice when deciding the price of the security guard because no ensures that government regulations are followed.

We believe have quality police verified, fully trained security guards requires the Employer to spend time and effort on each security guard so as to ensure that quality services are being provided to each site that us being represented for through Denetim Services.

The Security Personnel we hire follows certain rules and regulations to ensure maximum safety and security:-

1)     Education – Metric Pass ( For Register Entry, Notice Creation and Other such jobs)

2)     Height – Minimum 5 Feet 7 inches

3)     Training – Basic Training before we let any security guard represent Denetim Services

We provide the following security guards :-

1)     Residential Security Guards

2)     Corporate Security Guards

3)     Bank/ ATM Security Guards

4)     Events Security Guards

5)     Lady Security Officers

6)     Armed Security Guards

7)     Security Officer / Supervisor

8)     Customized Security Guards

9)     Static Guards ( Armed / Unarmed )

10) Patrol Guards ( Armed / Unarmed)

11) Industrial Security

12) Gunmen

The main aim of Denetim Security Services is to provide complete security and safety for your organization. To attain such goals we help our clients in automation, computerization, control building and other such procedures to help achieve maximum security.

Security Guards have another advantage for residential security that they can be utilized for other  related household work that ensures secrecy and security at all times. Even holding events can require substantial work for trained guards to help and support every measure of work at an event and at the same time maintain security.

The following regulations are followed and applied for framing policies and procedures of our organization:-

1)     Licensed Private Security Guards (Regulation ) Act 2005

2)     Delhi Service Agencies (Regulation ) Act 2009

 Duties of Security Guards

Primary Duty of a Security Guard-  is to protect property, assets and people. .

Our Policy is a four step process which helps prevent crimes in and around your home and offices.





The Training practices used for Security Guards and officers has evolved over time and Denetim utilizes best technology for achieve best results through training.  In the recent there has been a marked difference between utilizing a watchmen for night duties and having an on the job security personnel which can turn to be a great asset in helping the organization achieve its security and safety by best means.

Security Guards / Security Officers in corporate officers also perform services as access management and daily attendance.

Its not just the training but also making it a point for a security guard to understand his roles and responsibilities.

Denetim Services is in the Security Personnel occupation with only one aim –


Steps taken by us to ensure we stand out and provide excellent service

1)     LiveWire –Constant updation and vigilance with Clients and Staff to continue quality security services

2)     Surveillance  – We as owners have put in all our efforts to take security business forward and to ensure we provide state of the art security services to our clients.

3)     Latest updates Technology and Support – Any Safe mechanism needs to be latest and secure to stay safe and controlled. We provide guidance and consultancy to our clients for ensuring  a well secured environment

4)     Periodic Guard Training – We make extra effort to train each security guard twice every year to keep him updated and maintain the already established standards

Why Denetim Security?

  • We Listen
  • We Measure
  • We Plan
  • We Train
  • We Improve

Other Features we provide

  • Special Event Security
  • Crowd Control
  • Gatehouse
  • Customer Services
  • Site Patrols with Sniffer Dog Security

Dedication to provide Security services with complete skill and knowledge:-

We provide high quality security solutions to  our clients from automation to trained security guards to maintain a safe and secure environment.

There are many times you need to protect your assets in transit, when traveling and many more. Simply give us a call and we shall be happy to provide you solutions on call for you security requirements in Delhi or surrounding areas.

Most of the the times the security company hired by you is localized and this can sometimes be a cause of concern. We will provide effective trained security guards to your company so that you can achieve safety at your required address without worrying about supervision, management or control.

Denetim Services continues to provide trained and skilled security guards after fulfilling all legal requirements.

Training to Expertise

Denetim is run by professionals with an important security assurance – SAFE SECURITY IN DELHI, GURGAON With Police background families and corporate exposure we promise Safe Professional Security guards which are well trained, educated and security personnel that have customized on the job training We combine best security guards with best security practices Denetim has been growing to meet the requirements of its customers with reliable results and also because of our experienced management team and continuous improvement. Read More

Hire Sniffer Dog Security with Dog Handler – SNIFFER DOG SECURITY