Sniffer Dog Security Services available for temporary or permanent requirement

Denetim Services is now providing sniffer dog security with trained and expert dog handler anywhere in India.

We have three kinds of dogs available :-


  1. German Shepherd
  2. Labrador
  3. Doberman

All Dogs are certified and trained by ex-servicemen. Every dog is individually trained and tested for fitness, discipline and security capabilities.Trained Sniffer Dog Security India

Trained to handle any baggage, vehicle, goods, patrolling any building for safety.


Dogs can be positioned at any gate, entrance for security service with one handler. Dogs ensure proper safety management throughout the event. The are much more intuitive and aware and can handle many situations even before it becomes any sort of issue.


Strong, Trained by Expert and managed by skilled team – the dogs have been always considered mans best friend. These animals are the safest and the best form of security anyone can hire in India.




We strongly recommend sniffer dog security services at every event, every farmhouse, every marriage, every function to ensure sincere quality and security. We find the discipline and management that dogs provide at events takes security to the next level. Dogs can be trusted with complete satisfaction.

Important Information:

  1. One handler per Dog
  2. Food will be provided by us
  3. All Dogs are certified and trained
  4. Safest form of Modern Unique Security Services all over India
  5. Dogs conduct,discipline and guarantee is absolutely with Denetim


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