Marriage Security – Bouncers, Armed Ex-servicemen and Security Guards


Marriages in India are very sanctimonious affairs and such event requires one to take care of every tiny detail.
But many times we miss a very important detail – keeping your friends and family secure.
Marriages include costly expenditures, jewellery purchases, expensive gift items. India spends billions on marriages.
This makes it an easy target for people who intend to make some money of it. Such functions are extremely busy ,but people do not get time for managing basic safety of every person attending the event.


Denetim Services provides specially trained professionals for maintaining safety and security at your marriages at a short notice in Delhi and within 12 hours anywhere in India.

We can provide security at the following places:-

 1) Five Star Hotels

2) Banquet Halls

3) Open Grounds

4) Outside city areas

5) Outside Temples and Gurudwaras

6) Outside Residential Properties

7) Farmhouses



We have the best security forces to protect the most auspicious event for every family. Not even one security force will eat or drink anytime during service at the event.

We require one day notice to arrange for security, which includes bouncers, personal security officers, security guards for any event in relation to marriage.

Denetim Services guarantees complete protection for such events.

The most important period of security is during the Bharat, many unwanted characters enter during the movement of Bharat before the marriage and it is crucial for all high level marriages to hire security of Bouncers and Armed Security officers to protect the family members and relatives. We have trained teams to secure the bharat procession that happens at the start of  the marriage.

We provide security for marriages on 12 hour basis.


Duties performed by security officers or marriages:-


1) Gate Management

2) Cars Management

3) Protection for important family members

4) Special protection for Bride and Groom ( Lady Security for Women )

5) Protection of Children

6) Protection of Old family Members

7) Protection of Valuable goods

8) Security Administration



We can organize any number of security officers, bouncers, security guards to match the requirement of big marriages, functions. Contact us for further details.


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