Security Services

We provide disciplined, well trained bodyguards, bouncers and  armed security to our clients. We ensure the security personnel are physically trained including fore fighting, advanced defense techniques, first aid and professional manners.



This is a specialized field which requires expert communication,  management and thorough planning. Any escort service requires absolutely trained security officers, bouncers, close protection officers,bodyguards and armed gunmen that maintain the protocol under the toughest situations. Transferring or safely allocation of people, resources is becoming an increasing difficult task in the cosmopolitan of Delhi NCR,Mumbai, Hyderabad,Pune, Goa and many other cities of growing India.

Every Personal Security officer, Bouncer, Ex- Servicemen hired for duty  guarantees the following requirements – NO SECURITY OFFICER WILL DRINK, SMOKE OR INDULGE IN ANY UNRULY BEHAVIOR. Denetim Services takes full responsibility of any misconduct and shall completely reimburse the total amount received from the client.



Security Services:
Denetim provides the following services in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Pune,Goa,Bangalore,Hyderabad and other parts of India

    1. Corporate Security
    2. Industrial Security
    3. Bouncer Services
    4. Residential Security
    5. Banks / ATM’s Security
    6. Static Guards (Armed/Unarmed)
    7. Gate Security – Bouncers
    8. Female / Lady Security

Denetim Services - Security , Bodyguards, Bouncers

We provide security guards,bouncers, security officers, security supervisors for short term,long term and customized security needs.
Denetim provides security for manufacturing, commercial, residential, warehousing,transportation, real estate and various other industries.

The services are as follows:


Crowd Control

At major venues, private events is a security need now required for almost every event.

Visitors Information

Denetim Services has well spoken, well behaved personnel who can guide visitors to their destination at big events, celebrations, exhibitions etc.

Special Protection – VVIP/ Company Executives:

We are established company and have been respected Internationally  for our elite bodyguard team. Burglary, petty crimes, snatchings,kidnappings, threats are rampant and a cause of concern for rich and the famous. Therefore, Denetim Services have become a household name among the rich,powerful and known people. We can provide both armed and unarmed personal security officers,bodyguards, close protection officers 24×7. High Ranking businessmen, industrialists, CEOs often face threats from everywhere and we provide complete protection, safety and peace of mind to live without fear anywhere in India

Celebrity Protection:

All A-List Bollywood Actors, Actresses, Singers, Artists require our services and we have been successful in meeting their demands.

Personal Security with Driving skills:

We provide PSOs with car driving skills be it manual or automatic. We have Ex-NSG, Ex- SPG, Ex- Army personal security officers who have experience in driving manual and automatic cars in India

Domestic Abuse:

If there is anyone who is abused, hit, assaulted  but are too afraid to approach police or just leave your house Call us. We protect lives. We will escort you wherever you go. You can put yourself to rest as we will stand guard outside your house. We handle situations with sensitivity, proper attitude and caution. We will save you but not cause any concern to the alleged offender. If our clients are divorced or separated and do not wish to meet their spouses or enter their homes, we keep them away by posting an unarmed/armed guard as they may require. We assist in supervised visits of your kids also.

Fee structure : dependent on the situation, location and the specifics of the requirement

Denetim Security Services has created a trusted name and immense credibility starting from Delhi Ncr to many many cities around India. We are proud to have a team of ex-army,military and police background.

Our main aim is to provide best results with utmost professionalism in guard services, personal security (armed and unarmed) or crowd control.

Our people are one of the best and the security services of such quality surely make a difference.

Be it loss prevention investigation, static security services, surveillance monitoring or parking lot management our services are making a difference and we are continuing to be successful.

Most of our business is based on referrals. We strive to work competently and peacefully.