Frequently Asked Questions regarding security

Frequently Asked Questions regarding security


We have been asked these questions by almost everyone, to make it easier we have answered them briefly .


1. What is the qualification of personal security officers ( PSOs) / bodyguards / Close protection officer (CPO) provided by you ?

We only provide ex-servicemen – Ex NSG (National Security Guards, Ex-SPG  (special protection group), Ex- Army, Ex- BSF ( Border Security Force) , Ex- CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force), Ex- CISF(Central Industrial Security Force). Each Servicemen is verified and ensured to have every valid document including discharge certificate. We will only provide a security officer / Bodyguard who is ex-servicemen


2. Do I need an armed or unarmed  personal security officer (PSO)/ Bodyguards /Close protection officer (CPO) in India ?

Most VVIPs and celebrities in India take armed personal security officers ( PSOs), close protection officers (CPO), most new generation businessmen take unarmed personal security officers ( PSOs). We suggest to hire a security officer based on the requirement. For instance if there is a significant threat or unwanted attention can be dangerous then one should hire armed security officers. Please note that armed security officers would not be able to enter five star hotels, railway stations, metros, airports, monuments including Taj Mahal, shopping malls. These are the situations that require one to decide depending on where the security is required.


3. What kind of arms do these security officers carry ?

Mostly the security officers have .32 barrel pistol or .32 revolver, but some also have rifles. The security officers that have rifles are the ones that have a separate rifle license. Every security officer needs to have a valid gun license to carry any arms or ammunition.


4.  Can you show us there existing work pictures or pictures of the ones that you will send for duty ?

We certainly are the only security company that has live testimonials and client reviews of our work in India. We can provide security services anywhere in India with the most trusted security officers. For pictures and details visit the following pages

1. Latest reviews of our work –Testimonials

2. Pictures and details of our events –News

5.  What is the difference between a personal security officer and a bouncer ?

A personal security officer ( PSO) is a ex-servicemen who has experience of providing private security to VVIPS, celebrities etc. A bouncer is a civilian with a heavy built and generally is found working in pubs, clubs and provides gate protection to events.

A PSO has a commando built and is not as muscular as a bouncer. A bouncer is younger and has experience of providing security at parties etc.


6. What is the dress code of security officers or bouncers in India ?

PSOs and CPOs are formally dressed in safari suits and bouncers are dressed in black shirt and pant.

7. What are the duty timings of security officers and bouncers ?

There are two ways to look at this. In case you require a PSO/ CPO or a bouncer for only day duty / office timings then it is 10 hour duty per day. In case you provide accommodation. the PSO or the Bouncer almost works according to your working hours with you throughout. As the client takes rest, the PSO and bouncers are gets the required time. The flexibility increases and can be adjusted with the timings of the client.

8. Can I trust the personal security officer / bouncer with information gathered by him during work?

Trust is something that takes time to build, but definitely you can trust the ex-servicemen loyal staff of Denetim Services which have a good sense of work ethic and discipline.

9. Can the Armed Security be trusted with their guns?

We do not provide civilian armed security. We only provide security officers which are ex-NSG, Ex- ARMY, Ex-CRPF, Ex- BSF, Ex- CISF and other Ex-Servicemen. This is an important check, an armed ex-serviceman is muh more trustworthy than a civilian. Infact, we do not recommend hiring armed civilians under any circumstances.

10. What will a bouncer do in-case of a fight or any other untoward incident?

Bouncers are not street fighters, bouncers are not hired fighters, They are trained and well built protectors. They are hired security to avoid fights and avoid any incidents. They will never instigate or initiate a fight. Bouncers are the ones that will try and control the situation. In case of any incident with the client. The bouncer will try and rescue the client without creating a situation that is uncalled for.


11. What is the meaning of PSO, What is the meaning of CPO? , What is the difference between PSO, CPO and Bodyguard ?

PSO means PERSONAL SECURITY OFFICER , CPO means close protection officer. The terminology is used in different countries but ultimately the meaning is the same.  In India, the bodyguard is called PSO and mostly in western countries the VVIP security is called CPO. Mostly a PSO in India refers to an armed security officer. Most personal security officers are ex-servicemen, there are civilians as well, but there arent many civilian PSOs. Denetim only recommends ex-servicemen( Ex- Army, Ex- BSF, Ex- CRPF, Ex- CISF, Ex-NSG, Ex- SPG) for duty