Bodyguard for Hollywood Staff traveling Delhi and Udaipur,Rajasthan for filming work

Denetim Services provided security for international Hollywood staff visiting India, Delhi and Udaipur(Rajasthan), for site selection and security satisfaction of shoot site. The security officer took them around to advice regarding important questions that arise in regards to security services during Hollywood shooting that is being scheduled in the coming year.

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Simon Dinsell, United Kingdom(UK)

Security Officer had wonderful presence on-set, powerful and lends a good atmosphere of safety and calm. I have filmed in 81 countries and have rarely enjoyed better security

The security service started from Delhi and moved to Udaipur, Rajasthan. The security officer was present throughout the period managing security and controlling unwanted people approaching the staff here in India to finalize a place for shooting.

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Maria Afshari, United States of America(USA)

Surendra(Security officer) was joy to have around. I always felt safe and taken care of. As a woman , feeling safe was extremely important. “             I was happy security officer was there to keep me safe”

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Bob Mora, United States of America

I have worked in 80 countries and Surendra ( Security officer) is the best security I have ever hired.

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Daniel Garcia, United States of America(US)

Surendra was the best I felt safe like he was always watching out for everyone. He always walked behind to ensure every member of our team was OK. Thank you for everything.

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Mike Vanderlinde, United States of America(US)

Fantastic!! Surrendra was a great and perfect addition to our team . he would attentive and courteous. Would hire again

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