Armed Ex-Servicemen Bodyguard for VVIP Security in Delhi

There are many families and industrialists that prefer hiring armed bodyguards for driving automatic luxury cars and managing security in big, large farmhouses in Delhi. Armed Security provided by Denetim is always from the Defence. We only hire and deploy armed ex-servicemen for as bodyguards.

Trained Armed Security officer

This ensures super quality and proper services for our clients throughout. All Bodyguards also known an Personal Security officers or close protection officers have spend more than 10-15 years in defense services. The highest number deployed are from Ex-Army and others are from Ex-BSF, Ex-CRPF, Ex-CISF.  There is also a particular requirement of Ex-NSG ( National Security Guards) . Retired Ex-servicemen who have valid discharge certificates and receive pension are the ones that are the most trustworthy and are the only ones we deploy for duty.

Armed Bodyguard in Delhi

The arms license for ex-servicemen is issued after they retire from service and the license clearly displays their discharge from Army. A local civilian license is different from a license used to a defense personnel.

The rich and the famous are hiring bodyguards who know how to drive high end automatic luxury cars. The double utility of bodyguards with driving skills is the new trend in the market.


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