Security Guards in Delhi – Safety or threat

The capital is exploding with population. At 1.6 crores and increasing with migrants at the rate of 80,000 per day, the city will come down. What can one do to keep the house or the office safe.  Everyone is getting better locks installed, alarm systems with automation and every technology to have greater control through CCTV’s control on mobiles, higher fences and more security guards. But is having security guards at the residence helping. The security at your residence or your corporate office is paid only basic minimum, just enough for survival. With greed coming into the society every human is trying to increase his assets and such wants are causing crimes of unprecedented nature. A good example would be our cricketers who are already being paid very high are still spot fixing and trying to loot more money. The IPL Scandal is at a very high level, just think of a security guard goes through when he notices all the glitterati at office and home, Cars, shopping bags and money spent around. He starts thinking of his life, goals and money. This is where the problem becomes serious. We have heard of many cases where security guards have been responsible for thefts that would shock anyone. Security guards have greater access your property and are trusted with confidential information. This provides enough information for plotting and carrying out thefts in your house under you nose. Delhi and Gurgaon have reported more thefts than any other city and the crime rates surges ahead at an unseen rate. Security Providers do not care about your safety , the only thing they care about is providing security guards at your request and collecting monthly emoluments.


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Residential Security is very important, choose a quality security provider

This is one reason why Denetim has been formed, with the concept of providing quality security services to your house and corporate office in Delhi and Gurgaon. Amit Sikka and Anubhav Khiwani manage the company. Each bringing his own strengths to the organization with the idea of giving you safety everywhere. Denetim Services also provides Personal security officers – PSOs on hire, Bouncers on hire, Driver on Hire and Nurses for home care.

The known companies are overcharging and not providing the promised services to its clients, the cherry on the cake is that many companies have closed and will require a long time to come out of the legal struggle caused by themselves. There are many security agencies in Delhi and security agencies in Gurgaon that have not paid the taxes on time, have not paid service tax on time. The government has opened its doors and started catching these security agencies. Many of these security agencies are very known and big in the market. What does one do when your security agency has closed? Does one remove the security guards at the doorstep or start the process again. The former is tricky as one will need to conduct the police verification process and identification process again. This causes major problems for the owner.

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To keep you home and office safe , try and ensure that the company is registered with the police, pays it dues and follows quality methods in recruiting security guards. Always try to meet the owner of the security agency or the top management. This puts a risk on the security agency as well.


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