Residential Security

One of our most important areas of function is for residential security. We have taken extra efforts to hire, train and supervise security guards under residential security.


Denetim takes pride in patrolling its guards all night for nigh watch on all night guards at respective locations.

We have customized our security services to provide one step solution to all residential security needs :-


1)     Residential Security Guard

2)     Automatic Alarm System

3)     Fire Alarm

4)     Automated Control mechanisms

5)     Camera and CCTV Control

6)     Video Recording and Inspection Software

7)     Security Guard Training specifically for residential guarding

8)We have trained the security guards for professionalism, courtesy, respect, and customer service. We continue to supervise are guards at regular intervals for providing quality service at all times.

Home Security is paramount nowadays and it requires specialized services with customized training. Denetim takes continuous feedback from the Employer and updates its guards in regards to quality control, behavior and vigilance.


We have  worked hard to understand home security systems and best cases to arrive at jusgement of using best practices for perfect residential security to safeguard your home in Delhi.

Following are the list if systems we diligently recommend to our employers:


1)     Wireless Home Security Alarm – Message and control through SMS

2)     Home Automation to control house electronically

3)     Burgular Alarms

4)     Advanced CCTV systems with direct 3G coverage on your smartphone

5)     Video Surveillance

6)     Reporting Control and Detection

7)     Alert and Notifications


Techniques recommended to keeping your residences safe and secure:

1)     Keep your outer lights automated to work at night

2)     Cut out shrubs and plants that promote hideousness

3)     Always check for garage door

4)     Use Auxilary locks and special door pins to prevent entry

5)     Deadbolt locks at all entrances and exits


Always make sure the alarm if visible from outside does not look old and inoperative.Burgalars always use this as a que.


For detailed consultancy and achieveing professional security guards for your residence please contact us  – contact us