Proficiency and Discipline for quality services in personal security

The reason why one chooses a security agency over the other is because of various factors such as experience, quality, number of clients and many more. We at Denetim believe that when it comes to personal security we can provide by far the most extensive service portfolio anywhere in India. We have started working from Delhi and Gurgaon but soon learnt that the situation of crime is prevalent everywhere and therefore have hired personal security officers and bodyguards for providing services anywhere in India.

Denetim has created well researched and documented teaching programs for tarining its staff to strengthen the security and safety of your home, residences and loved ones. We make extra effort in management of all our security personnel , this helps in keeping them motivated and strive to work harder for superior security service to your company, residence, factories or particular personal protection .

Every hired person is verified for credentials, type of work, quality of services provided in the past and then trained in the areas we feel he requires some special attention. Every Personal Security Supervisor or officer has a different experience and brings something different on the table.

The concept of perfect security comes from finding the correct man for the correct job and then trained according to the customized requirement.

All Personal Security staff need to have certain characteristics such as  communication with the client, medical training, fire training and handling all sorts of emergencies.

The crime evolves and keeps changing with technology and newer arms. Therefore to continue are performance standards we take special care to update all our personal security staff. The licensing is a very important part of handling arms and an important duty of the our company is to give you licensed and authorized security

In some situations the there is special training and skill required. Denetim can easily provide such skillful personal security.All PSOs and Bodyguards go through a examination process and verification process in which Denetim leaves no stone unturned . This is a very crucial step according to us and without such rigorous back up we think that our clients will stay at rick.

Denetim can handle most security requirements such as armed, unarmed, uniformed, plain clothed security officers .

To eliminate any risk for any client be it a foreigner, Expat , diplomat or a local resident we will not compromise under any circumstance and continue to work only with complete assurance.

Every requirement that comes to us needs special focus and attention with complete SWOT analysis and in depth checking of most security threats. Technology has become very important and all our personal bodyguards, PSOs and other security personnel have been technologically equipped. Not only have they been trained to handle all alarm systems, security software and other such related material , they have also been equipped with technology to communicate with emails, whats app and all other communication techniques. It is important to keep a constant check on the security personnel and continue to remove any lapses possible . Discipline, timely reporting are important assets of any security team and we work very hard to achieve the results.

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