Bouncers working at a well known bar at Carter Road, Mumbai

Bouncers with exceptional built, under graduate education and skillful training to handle any situation are deployed, stationed at a well known bar. restaurant , night club in Mumbai.



Bouncer Security Services Mumbai


Bouncers report for duty in second half of the day as the bar restaurant is open till late hours at night. They complete their security service and sign their attendence sheets before leaving for the evening. These bouncers are humble, well behaved and have a strong sense of security to manage any situation .

Bouncers Hire in Mumbai

These bouncers are very disciplined and have been able to prove their qualities and skills at work in Mumbai.


Trained Well Built Bouncers Mumbai

The professionalism required in Mumbai is the highest in India and the work quality has to be the best for any security services. many celebrities frequent this place and therefore the level of bouncer quality needs to be very high. We at Denetim Services have worked hard to provide the best trained bouncers in Mumbai.


Best Bouncers in Mumbai

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