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They are known to have only brawn and no brain and have been stereotyped as carrying a deadpan expression and an intimidating arrogance in their heavy, muscular bodies. But bouncers in pubs and discotheques across the NCR say they are no heartless people and have intelligence to deal with ugly situations that quite often threaten to spiral out of control in the excitement of partying.

Sharma is quick to add that bouncers are trained to deal with people in his bar. “We have eight bouncers in our club led by a head bouncer and they are all fully trained. We teach them how to deal with various situations. Just their presence disciplines guests,” said Uttam Dang, a manager at the bar.

So what are the traits that make a good bouncer? One has to be patient for this job, says an experienced bouncer. “The other day we didn’t allow an influential guy as stag entry is banned here. Furious, he started hurling abuses at me. I kept my cool and tackled the situation with a smile,” said Ramkish, a bouncer in Gurgaon.

Agrees Vijay, a graduate who works as a part-time bouncer: “At times, one requires enormous patience to calm the mischief-makers, although that may not always work. Yesterday when a drunk stalker was politely asked to move out, he kicked me. However, I did not use force on him and simply told him to get out.”

Vijay, who works as a salesman, says that an experienced bouncer foresees trouble brewing, besides marking possible troublemakers at the entry itself. “Eve-teasers and fighters are the most common mischief-mongers. But then, trouble can come in any form. For instance, a couple of days ago, four men fought among themselves in the bar. I had no clue what to do but somehow I managed to cajole them,” he says.

However, not all bouncers are able to control their anger at being humiliated. “We have seen four-five cases in Gurgaon in the past eight to nine months and three of these involved beating up of clients by bouncers. It happens because they get personal.

Most of the bouncers come from middle-class families in Haryana, UP or rural parts of Delhi. But there are many who own huge tracts of land and do the job for a `masculine kick’


Many Bouncers do not have adequate training and can be cause of equal menace in the field. To ensure quality and experience one needs to recruit bouncers with carefully planned criteria.


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