Bodyguard Bouncers for Inauguration of New market store in Old Delhi

Bodyguard Bouncers were hired for one day to manage and protect a new store opening in Old Delhi area. Inaugurations of such do not just require security protection but also require management of the the entrances and other administrative support required during the event.

Bodyguards bouncrs Hired for inauguration Bouncers for protection at event in Delhi

With VVIP guests visiting inaugurations of such new stores. it becomes important to have personal security to manage and control the event in a professional way. Bouncers provided by us have excellent experience and understand the important things to manage and control during such events.

Bouncers for hire

Such events generally entail a prayer function ( pooja) followed by soft drinks and snacks and the guests are known people of the city to ensure that the word gets around. Bouncers hired need to present at the entrance to welcome and correctly address the guests and are also required to be around the prayer room for complete diligence.


Bouncer team for security

We have received good recommendations from clients who have found our services to be appropriate and proper. Most new clients are tense whether the professionalism and attitude of bouncers be upto the mark as required for such new age events. We understand such concerns and try and match up to the expectations of our clients.


Bodyguards hire Bodyguard Bouncers with client

All Bodyguards are in black safari suit, the discipline and back up ensure best quality of security services for clients.Bouncers hired with client