Bodyguard Bouncers for event security at Delhi University College Event – JMC College – South Campus

Denetim Services provided trained and experienced bouncers for security at event held in Jesus and Mary College ( JMC) Delhi University. JMC being an all girls college requires us to have higher standards of checking and verification to ensure quality security. Most colleges in Delhi have major evening events during which college unions compulsorily hire bouncers including female bouncers for security services at the gate, crowd control near the stage, property maintenance near the main college campuses. Bouncers near the canteen and potential ruckus creating zones.

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For most events in India , bouncers have become a necessity and important part of everyday security arrangement. Hire for bouncers in dressed uniforms with proper experience is the only way to have quality security services in India.

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Bouncers hired in Delhi are better than smaller town bouncers therefore we have seen many clients requesting Delhi Bodyguard bouncers and armed security in smaller towns and villages around India. Such cases require special arrangements for travel and accommodation which is mostly arranged by the client. The trips ususally last 3 or more than 3 days. For more details about Outstation bouncers for any event anywhere in India please contact us


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