Armed Protection Officers for High End Protection in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Denetim Services provides armed security protection officers i.e PSOs for security services in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Most ex-servicemen that have completed 15-20 years of service retire with full credentials and still wish to work in the security field. Such exceptionally well trained and disciplined men are hired for security by business families and celebrities in India.

Ex-Army Bodyguard Hire Mumbai

The security services  requires round the clock management and control of premises and family members traveling around Mumbai. Armed Security is best when handled by ex-servicemen as they have much more control and maturity in managing unforeseen situations.

Armed Ex-servicemen Mumbai

Most Mumbai security hire is for 24 hour security service, therefore minimum of 2 security officers are required so as to manage protection without a break on any day. When one security officer takes a leave, another ex-servicemen is sent for duty.Ex-Army security personnel from Punjab are preferred by many families.

Armed Security Mumbai

Hiring verified and trustworthy security personnel bodyguard adds tremendously to the security outlook of the premises. Trust in such security men is high and the control of the timings are easier as these men are much more disciplined than ordinary civilians. The effort and the energy these men put to work helps the client and the company rely confidently on such ex-servicemen.

All arms ( .32 Pistol or Revolver ) are with All India Gun License. The security men take complete responsibility of management of their arms throughout their work duty.