Armed Bodyguards for VVIP Protection in Shillong, Meghalaya

Denetim Services provides armed bodyguards ex-servicemen with all India gun license for security services all over India. We have placed two armed security officers for protection of Very Very Important Person in Shillong, Meghalaya. North East of India is rising in growth and industrial development is happening at a higher pace than before. More and More businessmen and  luxury families are recruiting personal security officer with arms and driver skills. The management of their security at the same time driving their automatic cars to take them during their travel. Most Rich families are now asking for personal security officer with driving skills also known as PSO cum driver.

Ex-servicemen in Shillong Meghalaya

Denetim Services has armed ex-servicemen who have skills to drive automatic luxury vehicles. We can place security personnel all around India.

PSO In shillong

Ex-servicemen have more than 15 years of service experience and are mostly Ex-Army with commando training or are Ex-NSG ( national security guards).

The duty timings vary and the team is asked to manage according to the needs of the client. We have security as are top priority even when there is no apparent risk. The perosnal security officers are disciplined and are replaced instantly without a long notice period in case there is any discrepancy in behaviour and attitude that is not acceptable to the client. This not only ensures constant quality and management but also serves as an example for all security officers working around India to be well behaved and attentive at all times and keep their service honor and continue to uphold the values of the company.

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