Why Denetim

  1. Individual Background Check for each Hire
  2. Finger Print Scan kept for security
  3. Police Verification ensured for each guard
  4. Trained to Expertise
  5. Fortnightly Verification of each guard by company management staff
  6. Technology trained staff
  7. Honesty is our prime belief

Denetim Security Services

Stationary Guards : We assure that no unwanted intruder enters the premises and escort the unwanted and unverified intruder out of the building. If need be we can detain the person and the call the police for further legal action.

Mobile Patrol: Our guards are trained look for potential property threats or crime. According to the need we will provide appropriate number of patrols at specific location. All entry and exit points will be manned and doors and windows will be thoroughly checked.

Access Control: Our guards greet the person/attendees with respect, courtesy and professionalism. License plates of all cars coming inside and leaving the premises will be noted along with name of the visitor(s) and time they arrived and left. If our client wants we can take the finger impressions and photographs or all visitors coming inside and leaving the building.

Residential Protection: We act as a deterrent against property damage or vandalism. We make a detailed report of all the possible changes to the property and the emergency contact provided will be informed immediately.

Employee Safety Escort: To make an employee safe while they are going from one build to another or from one place to another. There are times when extra protection is needed for some employees. Sometimes employees do not feel secure and hence request for security.

Labour Unrest Services: Our duty during a labour protest or a possible lock out would be to remain neutral and honest and maintain peace and order. Our main objective would be to safeguard all personnel.

Special Event Security: Award Functions, Political events, Inaugurations are a few such events where we can render our services. Our experts and guards will help steer through tough challenges when you are planning any event.

Motorcycle Patrol: This is the most preferred way of patrolling and very much in demand by our clients. Being the quickest mode of transportation from one point to another specially in condos, factories, industries, rice mills, textile mills where the area to patrol is huge.

Investigation and Background Checks: Denetim Services provides Investigations and Background checks of employees and candidates applying for jobs. We send our own team to investigate their claims and do a thorough check on their family background, residential address(es), previous employers, criminal background if any and other such checks which our client requires.


Security Guards are an asset to any commercial or residential establishment. The absence of crime or offenses in the presence of a security guard strongly implies that the guard is doing a good job. Security Guards from Denetim Services are professionals with extensive security backgrounds. Their physical appearance and presence create a visual deterrent for criminals. In addition, their experience and training provide professional protection for your assets.


Malls, and shopping plazas, being public places frequented by thousands of people, are easy targets for thefts and vandalism’s. Having security guards on the premises creates a significant deterrent to such crimes. Especially if the guards are from Denetim Services as they are trained to be alert, to observe details, to report any peculiar, out of place, suspicious activity, and above all, to stay calm in the phase of an incident so that they may accurately report details that may help the police convict the criminals.


Parking lots are another easy target for car thefts and vandalism’s.  Again, guards hired and trained by Denetim Services are the only apt personnel for such sites as their training is specific towards prevention of these very crimes. Our guards are also courteous and well-mannered, offering to accompany and assist anyone to their respective vehicles at odd hours of the day and night.


Office buildings are an important site that should be frequented by a group of security guards that are well connected to each other through a wireless network. Such buildings often have secluded areas that can tempt potential criminals into committing crimes. Denetim Services equips its staff with the training necessary to work effectively as a team in creating a vigilance network, that can scan large premises spread of thousands of square feet of space. Thus allowing prevention as well as quick management of any such incidents.


Warehouses, industrial areas, institutions, docks, customs clearance facilities……; the list is endless. Any premise has the potential to become a crime scene in the absence of Security Guards that lack the following roles:


  1. Prevention
  2. Visibility
  3. Vigilance
  4. Team work
  5. Adherence to protocol
  6. Observation
  7. Accurate Reporting
  8. Calling for help


Only Denetim Services Guards have these roles and responsibilities reflect in their nature.