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Security officers,standing on the side, on the first day during the visit of foreigners in Delhi, India at India Habitat Centre.



Private Security for foreigners visiting India

The International tourists traveled New Delhi, Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh and many other places in Rajasthan. The places included the interiors and the villages of Rural India and the bodyguards were present throughout the journey of 10 days throughout India. The Private security started the duty at early morning 7:00a.m and usually worked till return to Hotel at Dinner.

Somedays consisted visiting Interiors of old shopping areas in Old Delhi, rural villages which meant walks for 10-12 hours during the day. The Armed Men were trained and handled the trip with ease ensuring best possible security for foreigners visiting India.

Below are the testimonials and the pictures of our security work during the trip which was for 10 days. The security services started from the airport and the bodyguards dropped the whole group back to the airport at the end of the trip.



Ember Mulcahy, USA


Thank you so much for your company along this amazing journey throughout India. You are both fabulous and I enjoyed spending time with you. You made us feel safe. If you are ever in California or Switzerland, please let me know.



Personal Security officers for tourists from across the globe

Lauren Brown, Seattle Washington, USA


It has been a wonderful experience getting to see a little part of a huge and diverse country with you. I do not think any of us would have made it without you two helping us across the street, or staying in a group or getting the price down. It is one thing two people stoically herding 20 ,20 year olds across the street. Overall, It has been a pleasure.


Best PSOs for security of travellers


Oylan Encllich, Germany


Thank you so much for absolutely everything you have done for the past eleven days. You have been there through everything, in what has become an absolutely stunning experience without fail. You have guided us and protected us but this is not the hardest part. Dealing with our inexperience with your beautiful home country requires a great deal of patience and in your patience you have shown us nobility, kindness and compassion. What Discipline and purpose can do for the driven soul. Both of you ( Bodyguards) have inspired me and given me motivation for the future. I wish you and your family all the best and good health.


2 Trained Security officers for duty


Alana Hindiyeh , USA


You guys are the best. Thank you so much for always looking after our safety and for being the best company. I appreciate how open you were about your lives and experiences. Both of you are the most caring people I have met. I wish you all the best.


Safety during India visits


Olivia Meira, Brazil


Thank you so much for the security you provided us during this amazing trip. I am a bit disappointed we did not get to see you use the weapon, but its ok, it was for the best. The trip would never have been the same without you ( security officers) on it. Thank you for words of advice and empathy. And for taking time to accompany us to shop more forgive us for being the last ones in line. This travel has been truly amazing and I hope to see you guys again once I return to India. I wish you all the best!.


Thank you for accompanying us for this travel and making sure we had a fantastic time. I know we did not speak too much, mostly because you are a quiet man.


We would be contacting you guys in case we come back.



Discplined Armed Security officers for duty in India




Alex Buhler, Switzerland


I enjoyed my time with you guys and I bet my bottom dollar that I will be contacting you next time I am in India. Either coming to meet you or I will hire you to protect me when I am a Bollywood superstar.

Best Bodyguards for foreigners in India



Ale Susarrey, Mexico


Loved your company and feeling safe and protected. I truly enjoyed your positive attitudes and daily smiled.. Enjoy Life and Keep up the good work.


Best Bodyguards India visit


Mei Li, Canada


You were wonderful! 10 points ! Thank you for protecting us for 10 days and for all conversation and smiles you provided. You made our trip more fun and I really enjoyed becoming friends with both of you. I wish you many blessing for the future and we hope we meet someday. Say Hello to your family for us. Thank you for helping us bargain.


Bodyguards for foreigners in India



Miles Dean, Denver Colorado, USA


My time with you guys has been memorable. You guys have been so fantastic. I hope you guys enjoyed your time with us as we have. I hope to see you soon. I wish you both the best with your lives.


Female Foreign Travelers in India safety

Marte Lamont, USA


You never had to use your gun during the trip. You have made our trip to India safe . I must also give you credit for the all the great prices I got from the market. I would have been robbed if it weren’t for you. You are such an awesome team. I am so glad to have met you both! You guys are incredible.


Bodyguards protecting International Tourists in India


Milenka Lopez, Mexico, USA


It has been a wonderful experience getting to know you guys over the last ten days. It was comforting knowing that you were always there to protect us and make us laugh. I wish you all the best in whatever you do in future. Thank you so much again and for taking out so much of your time in order to keep us safe. I will never forget this.


Bodyguard for female tourists in India


Ollie Gestard


It has been a pleasure spending time with you. I love the energy and spirit you bring to the group. Both of you are awesome people and I wish all the best for the future. I am coming back to India and the first person I will contact with be you. Thank you for protecting us!


Complete security during India Tour of foreigners


Denise Usuoava, Kyrgyzstan


Thank you for everything you have done on this trip. I honestly cannot imagine this trip without your company. Thank you guys for the protection. Thanks for being awesome.



Best Private Personal Security in India





Juliana Demartiru Brito, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Thank you for all your help throughout the trip. It was great getting to know you and I hope you can affirm the same about us. You should fly with us. We all agree you deserve the same treatment we received.



Bodyguards hired for Travel in India

Malak Bajnaid, Saudi Arabia


My experience in India felt extremely safe and enjoyable. Thank you for always keeping me safe from stray dogs and pigs. It always felt safe. Thank you for being there, for keeping us company and safe.



Denetim Bodyguards


Gabrilla Kohlber , United States of America


Our trip could not have been half as wonderful without you ( security officers)


Who else could hold a gun, play cricket and protect 20 crazy Americans, Say hi to you wife and kids.


You are the only person who could bargain prices and save our lives crossing the road. Namaste. Bria


Personal Security officer in India



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