Simple Steps to Improve your Home Security

There are many times to feel that you are not safe even in your own house, despite there being security guards, locks and alarm systems. Here is a list that helps you understand and take these simple steps to improve your security for a safer tomorrow:-


1) Latest Locks without extra Duplicate Keys

Be very careful who you hand your keys for safekeeping, try minimising the number of people who are responsible for keys. Dont leave the keys loose for letting anyone duplicate them or taking an impression for duplication.


2) Always Lock the Balcony Door

This is a favorite root for burglar entry. Be sure your balcony door is always locked

3) Close Drapes

Any easy see through helps the burglar find loopholes easily. Always be careful about keeping the drapes closed specially when away.

4) Invest in alarm system

We build are houses with pain and invest a lot of funds in the houses. We need spend a little sum in installing an automatic alarm system depending on our needs.

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5) Choose quality security provider for security guards

The concept of collusion never comes to our mind. But more than half of the thefts take place due to someone who knows the place and has worked or works at the house. Police Verification should be mandatory for working staff. Collect all identity proofs.  Interact with the owners of the security company . Look for all clues that make you suspicious.


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6) Think like a burglar

Inspect your house and think like a burglar, plan your  safety carefully, Look for any vital loopholes in your security system and try and rectify it immediately.


7) Consult a specialist

Many time we are so occupied with our lives that we find no time to understand and look at all the parameters when conducting a security inspection. Use a specialist for big houses, extra security. A consult will give you a proper report of all the discrepancies and the errors associated with it.





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