Security requirement in Delhi – Explained

These are the statistics* of Delhi that should help you analyse why its important to keep good security:-

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  1 Population of Delhi 1,65,00,000 ( 1.65 crores)
  2 Number of Policemen 83,000
  3  Delhi Residents per Policemen  165


Delhi as a city has got the largest area in India and almost half the policemen are working for VVIPs in India. This creates a situation of difficult management and tough to control crime. To mitigate risk and have better safety the residents in India are moving towards security guards for their homes and offices. Its is very important to keep a watch on th quality and kind of security guards hired by the individual.

S. no Keeping a Watch on
 1 Security Guards Experience
 2 Police Verification
 3 Background and Paperwork

With migration touching 80,000 per day, delhi is unable to stand the pressure of unskilled labour coming into the city. Without records and any information on background these labourers from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh  and remote villages of India come to Delhi with starry eyes and on unable to find jobs turn to drugs and crime. This category of people are working in homes around us as maids, drivers and security guards. There is also a rise in the number of people coming from Nepal and Bangladesh. The migrants do crimes and run to their countries to evade the police.

Most Companies hire Security Guards without a thorough background check, leaving huge scope for the hired labour to reach pockets with money and ease at which they can commit crimes.

Everyday news provides a little glimpse of what is happening in Delhi – Please find below a table with News headlines of crimes in Delhi:

 News Headlines of  Delhi

26th April 2013   Man smothered to Death during robbery
13th April, 2013  Migrants blamed for surging crimes in Delhi
7th May, 2013     Delhi Township People robbed at home by masked man
22nd April, 2013  Daylight Robbery at Mayur Vihar Petrol Pump, 2 hurt
25th April, 2013  There is something wrong with Delhi believes High Court
27th April, 2013  Six year old girl raped in Delhi
27th April, 2013  Drastic Shake up is necessary to secure our National Capital
22nd April, 2013  Crimes against Women surge at abnormal rate in Delhi
20th April, 2013  Man from New Delhi gets life term for killing retires army man
16th May, 2013   Teen held for killing another
11th May, 2013   Delhi Student Murder accused arrested