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We all get up in the morning thinking today will be great and things will go better than yesterday or any day in your past. The problems faces in life can also be applied to keeping yourself secure. The figures are alarming – unemployment is increasing and so is crime.  This should make each person take particular care regarding security. We just presume that the security services provided by the agency will be quality and will keep us safe in and around Delhi.

Protect your home in NCR areas of Delhi

Porous Borders help criminals evade police .Therefore safety in gurgaon is very important for all residents living in their own bunglows

You invest your life savings and even stretch a little when it comes to expenditure on your home. Then why does one compromise when protecting it. On an average most people in Delhi and Gurgaon try and save maximum amount on Security and try and get bigger discounts on security guard services. Such approach only challeneges them to collude and cause losses , or they just dont care about the safety and security of the house they are protecting.

More than 50% of the Corporates and Residences are not satisfied with the security guard services that they are utilizing.

This is due to many reasons , namely:-

1) Untrained Guards

2) Zero Surveillance

3) Frequent Change of Guards

4) No system of feddback with the security agency

5) No Management of Security Guards

6) Most Guards are from villages without city apt behaviour

7) Unprofessional approach to the whole process


Security Guards in Gurgaon – Well Trained and Professionally managed

There are more than 2000 security companies in Delhi , gurgaon and noida.

Out of these companies more than seventy five per cent of the security companies do not follow the laws and are not paying the applicable Service Taxes, ESI and Provident Fund liable to be paid for employing security guards.

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Improving your security means that you should do the following:-

1) Hire a quality security company

2) Get to collect maximum information of the security guards

3) Always look out for suspicious behaviour

4) Never allow security guards from the local area

5) Meet the owners of the security company – just spervisior shouldnt be enough

6) Invest in Automatic alarm system

Automatic alarm systems help you keep a second line of defense in security


Burglar proof your home



Buy a reputable one that never cheats you when in need


Old locks are burglar magnets. thats what burglars are looking for. Change and update your locks periodically.

3) Collusion

Burglars always look for new domestic helps in your house ot vulnerable works that can be targeted to understand the security lapses possible in the home security.

4) Letter Box

Have super control on your letter box- cage it, lock it just control it. Burglars look for opportunities for your vacations , look for your bank statements or any other confidential information they can lay their hands on.


Security Guards in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida safety concepts

1) Verify Background the Security Guards hired

2) Maintain register with details and copy of identification documents

3) Examine experience and communication skills

4) Verify the control and workings of the security company


The Most important qualities that security guards should have to fulfill their job description:

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1) Honesty

This is protection and keeping everything safe requires honesty as the most important trait. There can be no security without honesty. A Sincere person who really wants to keep the premises and assets safe will act as an honest security guard.


2) Common Sense

One ingredient can save a lot of effort and misgivings in any situation . An alert and smart guard with common sense and ability to decipher concepts and situations with practical utility.

3) Leadership and Team Building Skills

Lot of times we require guards with leadership qualities to handle different situations and ability to control, manage and command different staff as and when required.


Security Guard jobs in Delhi

Security guard job description

4) Communication Skills

An excellent security guard needs to understand and execute instructions clearly and also document when required with clear communication and mental skills.

5) Physical strength and fitness

A guard that looks fit, smart and has the ability to handle tough situations is the guard that can be trusted with any duty in any weather. Such guards add value to your protection and have a service bent of mind.


Other backend services that any client should get from security providers in Delhi , gurgaon and Noida

There are many backend services that are required from security guards providers, agencies :-

1) Support Staff

2) Change of Guards in emergency

3) Quality Control and training

4) Feedback Response and Team development

5) Service Management and control

7)  Continuous efforts to fulfill all requirements of the clients







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