Security Agencies in Delhi

We have been watching the recent spurt and growth in number of security agencies that have been formed in and around Delhi, specifically gurgaon and noida. The growth has been daunting and shows the kind of safety and security that the residents and companies are looking at in delhi/ ncr. Today even the so called best security agencies are not providing quality services at a reasonable price. The companies are charging two fold and still providing untrained personnel. Due to such a gap between quality and the actual requirement the security agencies are minting money and the clients are losing money due to theft, poor security and collusion.

Most Security agencies are providing security guards that belong to the same local area and this is causing cases of collusion. The local security guards hired by such security agencies are payed lesser than there daily wage . These security guards belonging to these local areas have no trouble in looting the premises with their local goons and other village persons.

Security Agencies after getting the contract have been lazy and do not provide quality service to its clients . The security guards deputed at the beginning , the ones used as a face of the company disappear within two days and villagers are brought in by the security companies to earn higher and keep the contract hanging.

Security Agencies in delhi and gurgaon do not have a good surveillance team, the number of guards are increasing but there quick response team and surveillance team do not improve or change even by one increase.


We have to change our attitude towards these security agencies and move to new companies that offer better service with state of art surveillance and good interaction with the client.





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