Secuirty Guard Providers need to take care of the safety and security

Security Guard providers need to be very careful of the method used for improving security and ensuring safety. There have been many cases of gunmen using their arms at the heat of the moment and causing death accidentally of innocent people.

We are very selective and follow certain parameters for selecting Gunmen , Personal Security Guards Armed and Unarmed.

We verify there experience and very careful when deciding on who to select and hire. The company only hires people with 10-15 years of Army , CRPF Background. Certifies the Arms have All India Permit and is serviced following the legal norms.


Any Personal Security Officer PSO) , Gunmen provided by us will have all documents verified, police verified and attested by Denetim services to provide absolute security and services to our clients in Delhi, Gurgaon.


Denetim is opening its office in Connaught Place as we find this business to be growing and having a central location also helps us interview, select security guards, PSO’s , Gunmen with ease for personnel living in and around delhi and other personnel coming to delhi from neighboring states such as haryana and uttar pradesh.

Here is a list of  Personal Security Officer (PSO) that we have available with us:-

S. No PSO in Delhi Status Armed/Unarmed Experience Weight Height Previous Work Experience Driving License Voting ID Armed License No
1 Nirpendar Kumar Sharma Armed 24 years 66kg 5’10 Border Security Force, Medical Course in Mine Laying Yes Yes Yes
3 Nagendar Singh Armed 20 years 93kgs 6’3 Railway Police Force PSO, S Gopal and co PSO to CMD 10 years Yes Yes Yes
4 Rajesh Kumar Armed 21 years 72kgs 5’8 18 years experience Commando with Good Shutter, Ex man CRPF Yes Yes Yes
5 Indejeet Yadav Armed 18 years 82kgs 6’3 7 years experience PSO gurgaon VIP, 5 years experience Dockyard, Automatic and Manual Car driving Yes Yes Yes
6 Anil Kumar Armed 22 years 80kgs 5’11 22 years CRPF – SUPERVISORY LEVEL, MESS and ARMOURY, SECURITY OF VVIPS and Election DUTY, Fire fighting and disaster management training Yes Yes Yes
7 Jarnail Singh Armed 8 years 78kgs 5’11 PSO Training, CPO & Commando course, silver medal all karate do federation ship (AIKF) Yes Yes Yes

There are many incidents reported of bad temper, illogical demands and crimes commited by security guards, PSO’s and Gunmen at their locations in Delhi , Gurgaon or Sushank Lok. These can be avoided by providing mental discipline, thorough security guard training, meticulous guard experience and background check.


Most companies make loud promises of training and response teams.. whereas in reality the guards are only trained for 10 days feebly and then left at sights.. Some of the guards hired and deployed by security providers of delhi are not at all what the clients want but are unable to find suitable replacement.

Denetim Services strives to strike a balance between the right quality, training and pricing for its clients to make the unorganised sector an organised sector.


The PSO’s available with us have very varied experience with Commando training and PSO Service to very very Important persons in delhi with literally celebrity status.







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