Rent / Hire a Bouncer / Armed Gunmen / Security Officer for a day / week / month

Bouncer / Bodyguard /Personal Security officer / Armed Gunmen rental, hire for protection

Hire for –  One Day, 2-5 days, Weekly, Monthly


Denetim Services lets you hire a PSO, Bodyguard,Bouncer, Armed Security Officer, Security supervisor for :-


  1. Marriages
  2. Functions
  3. Parties
  4. Concerts
  5. Festivals
  6. Events
  7. Music Events
  8. Family Functions
  9. Farmhouse Parties
  10. Late Night Parties
  11. Ceremonies
  12. Dispute Negotiations
  13. Cash Transfers
  14. Valuable Transfers
  15. Monetary Deals
  16. Arbitration
  17. Corporate Events
  18. Family Disputes
  19. Daughter Protection
  20. Late Night Family member Protection
  21. Travel around India
  22. Transfer of Valuables anywhere around India
  23. Property Dispute Settlement
  24. Handling Property Squatters
  25. Airport Pick up
  26. Visiting crowded areas

We can provide a bouncer within 2 hours in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune,Hyderabad and Goa, for all other cities in India we need at-least 10 hours.

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Denetim can provide quality security personnel at anywhere in India with a short notice of 12 hours. We have complete verification process before we hire and deploy the best possible security personnel such as bouncers, PSOs, armed gunmen. Every function requires protection – specially the ones that are held at farmhouses in National Capital Region such as Manesar, GT Karnal Road and other adjoining areas surrounding the major cities. We have experienced bouncers for such requirements that take complete responsibility for managing security and safety at such functions. The pricing offered by us is very competitive and can be customized to meet your needs. There are many so called security companies that are not functioning professionally. We at Denetim Services promise professional security and guaranteed safety at all times during are deployment at the venue of your event.


Bouncers, PSOs are always wearing standardized clothes to suit the aesthetic value of your premises and add professionalism to the event. Such security services are always taken seriously by people and are considered no nonsense when dealing with troublemakers.


Frequently Asked Questions:-


How much does it cost to hire a bouncer for one day ?

It depends on the timing and the location for such hiring security requirement. Generally it costs from Rs. 2200 to Rs.9,000 per day , depending upon the skill sets, background, experience and language skills.  A Personal Security officer can also cost upto Rs.10,000 per day dependent upon Armed / Unarmed , previous Defence Background, level of national and International experience


How much will it cost if I only want the bouncer for 2-3 hours ?

The 2-3 hours of duty as required by you does not include the number of hours of travel. To provide a bouncer for any service in India one needs to take into account the time of such requirement. Most times the bouncer is considered employed for the whole day and does not get to work elsewhere. Hence Our charges remain the same but we do agree to minor adjustments wherever possible.


Are the bouncers English speaking, trained and Educated?

Rest assured our bouncers are not from unknown villages of Haryana or notorious villages of NCR region. We have complete control over the kind of bouncers we have employed to ensure services that match the standard of the professional people catered by us in the major cities of India.  We do have English speaking bouncers, we request us to give us such requirement in advance.


How much would the best bouncers cost – TALL, SMART, DISCIPLINED and TRAINED ?

The best bouncers are also in the same price range as other bouncers, but on already booked days a classic bouncer would cost you Rs.1000 to Rs.2000 extra per day. Therefore we at Denetim request you to give us sufficient time to create the security requirement needed for your event or function.


How do I know that Denetim Bouncers are the best bouncers available ?

Such information can be easily confirmed by having a direct chat with the bouncers and other security personnel provided by Denetim. One can check their experience and their method of operation to spot the quality and professionalism with which Denetim provides security for events in India.

Are bouncers armed and ex-servicemen or are they unarmed civilian?

Bouncers are younger, muscular with more experience in event security and celebrity security. Most bouncers work in big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Goa,Pune. Whereas Personal Security Officers are armed ex-servicemen with All India Gun license having pistol or revolver.

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