Personal Security officer Armed for security for traveler from America

Denetim Services provided two armed personal security officers (PSOs)  for Mr. Sandeep Asija, traveling from Massachusetts, USA visiting hometown in Haryana, state connected to Delhi, India. The Bodyguards were present from airport to airport and managed complete protection of Mr. Sandeep during his visit to India


We have received a Testimonial for our services from Mr. Sandeep

“I felt secured and safe having both PSO Ajeet and PSO Subash traveling with me during night time from Delhi’s ariport to my home town in Haryana, especially in unfortunate times when the riots (Feb 2016) in Haryana involving highway killings, burning of cars, looting, shoot-at-sight, and curfews had just taken place . Without them, It would have been extremely tough to attend my father’s first death anniversary as an eldest son. Thanks to Denetim”




Personal Security officer in India




PSO Bodyguard for protection

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