Personal Bodyguards and Executive Protection

An important investment that you can make to your family is personal bodyguard security. There are many times you do not realize the importance of protecting your loved ones in times of such difficult crime ridden world.

Personal Bodyguards protect you under all circumstances as they pledge your life and safety over everything else. They are with you through thick and thin.  There is nothing like hiring the most trusted and the best bodyguards for your personal protection. Bodyguards that have tremendous experience and have worked with celebrities, corporate tycoons, business families.

Every personal bodyguard provided by Denetim is customized to your needs. We provide special on the job training after a due diligence of all security weaknesses found at your various premises. All Bodyguards are well built and trained to make use of technology efficiently.

All Bodyguards can be outlined for various services such asset protection, concert security , transportation of valuables or armed convoy escorts.

Many times in Delhi NCR even a minor scratch on another vehicle can cause loud brawls and pose a threat to your safety, personal bodyguards are very useful in such situations and help in managing the situations.

Communication and Discipline has been considered a very important demand by most people looking to hire bodyguards for their protection. Understanding the client and enhancing quality communication can be very useful in removing prime security threats.

Confidentiality is very important, all personal bodyguards are with the client most of the day and night, a bodyguard is a person who maintains his distance and does not get involved in anyway. These aspects of Personal Bodyguard behavior are trained at the very beginning.

Many times Celebrities, high profile corporate and VIP Businessmen require privacy and do not wish come in the spotlight. This is a very specialized field, we have developed associations and mastered operational methods to avoid the photographers that are around you all the time. Handling Media becomes difficult and mishandling can escalate the problem for the celebrity or the VVIP.

Executive Protection

Executive protection also known as close protection is provided security to VVIPs and other important celebrities, businessmen, diplomats and expats due to heightened risk.

Executive protection typically refers to security services for foreign dignitaries or foreign diplomats. Executive protection or commonly referred as EP is a marked and specialized field which requires specific combat training, driving skills and marksmanship. Executive Protection is a requirement in India particularly in Delhi NCR as it is the Capital of the Country with maximum foreigners visiting Delhi.

As a committed Executive Protection Company we have

  1. Bonafide License
  2. Bodyguard Supervisor / Manager
  3. All State Regulation fulfillment
  4. Personal Certificates of all executive agents.

Executive Protection also entails VVIP Security with Bodyguards that have already delivered results with previous clients and  known celebrities. The special feature that holds importance in Executive Protection is that all bodyguards already have hands on experience and not even one single bodyguard has been employed by us without proper experience whetting.

Knowledge of most visited cities and also travelled by our corporate security has proved very useful and we continue to update our knowledge of all international cities in and outside India.


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