American Tourists visiting India – Travel to Agra with Bodyguards

Foreigners traveling to India to visit Taj Mahal . Denetim Services provided them security during their trip to India. Security officer manages every situation and ensures a safe visit to the monuments that the tourist wishes to visit in India. The foreigners were from America.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding security

Frequently asked questions by clients looking to hire personal security officers ( PSOs) or bouncers. Questions about experience, background, dress code, arms license, kind of arms

Event Security at Shriram College of Commerce, North Campus, Delhi

                          Youth Conference, held on 22nd and 23rd August 2014 , was given security and protection by Denetim Services. We had 18 bouncers present to provide security at Gates, at Entrances, inside the auditorium, behind the stage, star pick up from the hotel .. read more

Bodyguard for travel to Taj Mahal, Agra India – Solo Female Traveler in India

Denetim Services provides personal security officers, private security guards for travel to Agra to visit Taj Mahal. Many solo female travelers are hiring security officers to ensure easier and safe travel to various cities around India

Crossroads 2014 Event Security at Shri Ram Collage of Commerce (SRCC)

The security provided at our annual festival Crossroads by Denetim Services was amazing. The bouncers were professional in dealing with all the happenings of the event. The centralized control of the team was commendable. The head of security team Mr. Surendra showed full commitment. We got the benefit of professionalism with limited cost. I am .. read more

Event Security For Spiritual Leader His Holiness Drukpa Gyalwang

Denetim Services is proud to provide security services to his holiness Gyalwang Drukpa on his travel to Delhi. The event marked complete crowds of upto 2000 followers and the security team comprising of ex-army, ex-nsg armed security officers protected his holiness and maintained complete protection during the event.

VVIP Foreigner Guest – Bouncers providing protection and general management during visit to India

Best Private Security Guards for any work in India. The team is stationed in Delhi and works PAN India specifically Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Pune. The best trained English Speaking bouncers, private security officers anywhere in India. For foreigners traveling anywhere in India – Trained and Experienced Private Security Bodyguards

Marriage Security – Bouncers, Armed Ex-servicemen and Security Guards

Finest and most trusted security officers for security during marriages anywhere in India. Denetim Services has bouncers, PSOs, Armed security for security services anywhere in India. Security personnel are available on hire even at short notice. Protection for kids,family members, other guests, Protection from any untoward event before or during the marriage ceremony.

Driver Hire for Automatic Cars – Daily / Weekly / Customized period

Denetim Services has police verified and tested automatic car drivers for driving your car for limited period as required by you.   Hire a Bodyguard driver / PSO Driver / English Speaking Security Driver for a period of:-  10Hour Duty 1) Daily 2) Weekly 3) Monthly The above charges are inclusive of all costs and .. read more

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