Proficiency and Discipline for quality services in personal security

The reason why one chooses a security agency over the other is because of various factors such as experience, quality, number of clients and many more. We at Denetim believe that when it comes to personal security we can provide by far the most extensive service portfolio anywhere in India. We have started working from .. read more

Personal Bodyguards and Executive Protection

An important investment that you can make to your family is personal bodyguard security. There are many times you do not realize the importance of protecting your loved ones in times of such difficult crime ridden world. Personal Bodyguards protect you under all circumstances as they pledge your life and safety over everything else. They .. read more

Personal Bodyguard Services in Delhi and Gurgaon

Who needs a Bodyguard??   Anyone who feels he or she needs protection from public, unexpected dangers etc. Bodyguards are generally hired by wealthy people, business families, celebrities and various professionals. Delhi NCR requires bodyguard services as it is capital of India. Bodyguards can be utilized to protect even by visiting foreigners and expats.   .. read more

Home Automation – Security through Technology

Our Lives have been made easier and we get more assured results. Technology has helped us to make our tasks and life way easier than before.  In the fast paced lives we lead we need to adjust accordingly. Home Automation can help you keep your home in control. Automation Systems can be useful if used .. read more

Security Guard Agencies Delhi Gurgaon

Security is defined by degree of resistance, protection from harm, It applies to people, any valuable asset and other such important thing that required protection. The definition and duty of a security provider is not how it should be, nowadays companies in Delhi are just concerned with deployment and getting contracts. Most of the manufacturing .. read more

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Security Guards in Delhi – Safety or threat

The capital is exploding with population. At 1.6 crores and increasing with migrants at the rate of 80,000 per day, the city will come down. What can one do to keep the house or the office safe.  Everyone is getting better locks installed, alarm systems with automation and every technology to have greater control through .. read more

Companions for Old People – care for elderly at home

We might be in a different country and parents in a different. We require someone trustworthy to live with them. Someone who can live warmly and be of great support system by just being there with the elderly.    COMPANIONSHIP FOR OLD PEOPLE Safe, verified youngsters People you can trust – college goers, students etc .. read more

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Security in Delhi – Guards, Systems etc

We all get up in the morning thinking today will be great and things will go better than yesterday or any day in your past. The problems faces in life can also be applied to keeping yourself secure. The figures are alarming – unemployment is increasing and so is crime.  This should make each person .. read more

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Duties of Security Guards

We never understand the importance of charting thr role and responsibilty of security guards that are deployed at our homes and offices. It helps to have a  clear expectation setting between the security guard provider and the client regarding the duties that should be responsibily carried out by hired security guards.   This is a .. read more

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