New world problems now require Bouncers, Armed Security Officers for more than protection in India

Recently, we as a security agency in India find that people have been making calls for hiring bouncers or armed protection for more than the usual need of hiring such protection officers. The new world has new problems and one needs to adapt and understand what is going on that is making people make calls too hire bouncers or bodyguards for unheard tasks.

For example, people are hiring bouncers for protection and daily management of old parents, relatives living alone in cities around India. The children are living separately from their parents are requesting proper trained security personnel to safeguard and provide basic care for the old. Almost like a caretaker or in-house help.

There are many who are hiring security officers and bouncers for protection from their own loved ones and relatives including sons. There are old families that are scared of the troublesome sons or addict sons who have created nuisance in the homes with vandalism taking place very often.Security officers here provide 24 hour protection to these old persons without a holiday almost throughout the year.

The rich are hiring educated bouncers for hospital care of their parents – waiting area management, medicine requirements and also staying all night to give constant updates to the family. The professional class is also facing difficulties in managing hospital duties of the parents and hence hiring responsible and trustworthy staff to take such patients and manage the roles and responsibilities of a son or daughter required for hospital duties.

Bouncers nowadays are much more equipped and trained to give services not just related to gate management and protection. The new millennia has produced bouncers that are educated, can be logistically helpful, give ample support in marriages, functions, events etc.

More instances of such myriad reasons for hire are such as –  mothers asking for female security officers or female bouncers to protect their daughters during night outs, parents calling to accompany partying son during late night hours, protection from in-laws, divorce cases.

As the country is moving in a different direction that anyone can anticipate – the technological disruption, the materialism and the hedonistic needs of new generation will only bring more requirements of hiring armed security officers and bouncers as bodyguards all over India. We have a very professional working style and will only work once we are convinced about the basic proofs provided by the client. We guarantee results of safety and complete trust from our side.

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