Krav Maga – Defence through trained Female Security Guards in Delhi Gurgaon

Krav Maga – Non tactical self defense system 


The technique is developed in Israel and consists of wide ranging combative skills.


Female Defense techniques

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The Techniques come from various arts  including:-

1) Boxing

2) Muay Thai

3) Wing Chun

4) Judo

5) Jiu-Jitsu

6) Wrestling

7) Practical Fight Training

Trained Self Defense Female Guards

We have trained security female security officers.

The counter attacks are very lethal and brutal and it is considered a very powerful weapon to keep you safe in such situations.

It is also called “Contact Combat” as well. These techniques are perfect to handle loud crowds, celebrity movements and stalkers.

Metropolitan cities has higher crime against women, this unprecedented trend is leading women in such cities to only feel comfortable when a woman is protecting her. Thus the increase in demand for female security bouncers and female security officers.


Quality Defense personal female security officer guards in delhi gurgaon


We have Trained, Specialized Female Security Officers for protection.

Party protection, Event Protection – We help in deploying female security guards and officers at your request.


This is one art that is specially recommended by most task forces as part of training program such as military, defense and this is being used for VIP protection around the world by celebrities and businessmen.

Krav maga requires integrated training from experts and is available all around the world in many countries. It keeps you safe and continues to provide source of strength to all learners. This form of self defense takes the attacker by surprise and gets you to reach safety immediately.


Female Bodyguards Guards Delhi and Gurgaon

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