Industrial Security

The role of Industrial Security Men is important as it maintains a preventive measure over all incoming and outgoing goods, assets and other goods from the Industrial unit. Such Industry Security Guards need to be trained and have requisite skills to maintain registers, understand basic company procedures and conduct their roles and responsibility in order.

The Industrial Security offered by Denetim Services ensures integrated security to which fulfills the preventive measure and provides updated information of movement of goods from the industrial factory.

The Industrial Guards also need to understand the operating system used at the gate to update the information required at all times. The procedure and training is part of the integration process that Denetim takes part in an ensures smooth control transfer.

The Industrial guards employed by Denetim Security will have the following characteristics:

1)     Education – 12th Standard

2)     Experience- Minimum 2-4 years experience is similar industries

3)     Access Control Training

4)     Intrusion Detection Training

5)     Operating Video Surveillance

6)     Best Practice Training

7)     Understanding customized roles and responsibilities

8)     Public Conduct

9)     Fire Fighting Skills

10) Crowd Control

Many times there is requirement of Bouncers at the gate to avoid any labor unrest. We at Denetim have handled such situations and guarantee best possible protection for gate management at manufacturing sites.


Industrial Security Guards need to have thorough knowledge about  examination of incoming goods , paperwork verification and method of reporting to provide continuously satisfactorily services.


We ensure that the guards also have security equipment training which helps in streamlining the work of the manufacturing unit.


Industrial Supervisors are also available that provide leadership and management for such services and help in providing good reporting.


Denetim has reliable police verified guards available for your industry.


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