How to stop crime by having quality security guards in Delhi

Well, crime is increasing to put it simply , it going of the roof. Nobody feels safe, so what does one do. Running away does not sound like a bad answer. But can we actually follow such illogical answers. Ask yourself, how will you keep your daughter safe when she goes to a party, how will you keep your home intact when you travel with family on vacations. Selecting trusted security guard provider is the key.

Security can be daunting and at the same time it can be simple. These measures are achieved when one chooses to place security guards at their residence.  The company needs to conduct through verification, control through surveillance and take feedback from the residence. These steps though rigorous can help saving not only the residence but also the security company.

We tend to hire security guards think that are troubles are over , but actually the troubles can get compounded if the guards are not trained, adaptive and seeking to work for the residence owner with a eye of safety . Many times security guards have been responsible for theft or have been found sleeping at night.

Gunmen that are deployed in big villas or bungalows with verifying whether they have licensed guns and do they hold such permit for the area they are targeting.

These simple steps can protect you and your loved ones from any such blunder :-

1) Hire a Quality Security provider

A branded one is not necessarily the best choice as many times such companies have been found to be complacent.

2) Verify every guard deployed

Examine the guard records, keep a copy of the records including police verification.

3)  Provide continuous feedback to the security company

In case of any incident whether dangerous or not that shows laxity of the guard , report to the security company and get the guard changed.

4) Get to meet the owners of the security company

This step builds better trust and the onus of safety get transferred to the owner rather than the marketing supervisor who visited your site.

5) Never let a guard get appointed from the local areas around your house.

Deploying local guards near delhi and gurgaon can be the greatest blunder that you can make. Collusion becomes the easiest when the guard knows the locals closely.






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