Home Care in Delhi

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Denetim Services – Home Care Nurses with high quality care into our clients’ homes. The staff selection process is stringent and evaluation is done on the basis of the following:
  1. Nurse Care & Caregiver
  2. Rehabilitation program
  3. Special Chronic Care program
  4. Convalescence Support
  5. Medical Experts for Home Stay Care
Caregivers offer reliable assistance and support with activities of daily living on shift basis. Our assistive staff is trained to follow an individualized plan of care for each client.
Our Training and Discipline ensures high professional service at you service. We do not charge in case we feel that the service was not good enough.
Indian census projects the percentage of elders in the total population will jump from 7% in 2001 to close to 13% in 2026, increasing the number of ‘dependents’.

Training and Development for Nurse Care in Delhi

Our nursing course trains nurses for employment in various departments including intensive care, emergency, maternity, neurology, surgery among others.

We have a special course – introduction of clinical skills. Students will be assessed for their proficiency through a test on their ability to elicit critical patient history information, execute physical examinations, record a patient note and create plans for additional evaluation.


We provide nurse care at homes for all kinds of reasons such as old age, retirement, recovery from illness and many more.

Please feel free to contact us anytime on safety@denetimservices.com and Ph no – +9971129910