Duties of Security Guards

We never understand the importance of charting thr role and responsibilty of security guards that are deployed at our homes and offices.

It helps to have a  clear expectation setting between the security guard provider and the client regarding the duties that should be responsibily carried out by hired security guards.


This is a list of duties that should be performed , this is not an exhaustive list but does cover everything:-

1. Ensures physical security of the area, buildings , land entrusted without any intervention from unwanted people i.e illegal entry.

Physical Security covers  through prevention from the following

a) Thefts

b) Illegal Entry

c) Material Safety – Ensuring no tampering or pilferage

d) Reporting unusual occurences to the supervisor and the owner

2. Conducting Gate Keeping Duties

Every Security Guard should follow the procedures as directed by the management staff and maintian files, registered as directed.

This includes the follwing:

a) Access Control management

b) Parking Duties as and when required

c) Crowd Control

d) Never Leaving gates unsecured

e) Operating Mail and Parcels

f) Conducting Random Patrols throughout the day.

3)  Fire and Safety Hazards Management and Control

Detect Fire and safety hazards that have potential of occurence, prevent such errors, update your knowledge on fire and safety hazards continuously.  Understand the building structures and exit points to be used in time of emergency.

4)  Register Maintenance and Detailing of duties as required

Stay Updated with the duties that the clients expects from the guards, update your skills periodically and maintain all documented evidence as desired.

5)  Frisk and Interview Visitors

When required and as directed  do frisk visitors for any arms, unwanted materials etc. Always check for identification and keep a register for keeping records upto date

6) Detect and Report

Security Guards always have to be vigilant and have to maintain quality and effective means of ensuring safety of the client.

Always Detect any unseen occurances and threats that have any potential of causing trouble. Report Immediately to the concerned supervisior and the management team so that an effective control measure can be taken in this regard.

Armed Security Guards have to be very particular about taking care of there guns to avaoid any unseen occurance. The Gun should be checked for valid license by the owner and should also be maintained and cleaned by the security guard. The security guard should never leave the gun loose at anytime.

Armed Gunmen are most useful for duties where the involvement of cash is very high and requires high security. Trained Armed men with experience always add value to the safety of the premises, ans assets.



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