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10) Women bouncers rapidly grow in numbers, earn more than male counterparts

Anubhav Khiwani, founder of security firm Denetim Services, gets three-four calls from harrowed mothers who want a woman to escort her daughter for 12 hours at night while she is out partying. “The need for bouncers increased after Nirbhaya incident followed by other rape scares across the country,” said Khiwani.

11) Bouncers keep them out of harm’s way

Before her maiden trip to India a few months ago, Katherine Harris (name changed), a financial consultant in the U.S., was apprehensive about her safety due to the news reports about rapes coming in from Delhi. To ensure that they have a safe and hassle-free vacation, Harris and her husband decided to hire a personal security man for themselves.

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12)  In India, Female Bouncers are Big Business

Female bouncers are also in heavy demand at weddings, though unhappy families are also good business. “I get requests for providing bouncers at divorce settlements. The husband is worried the wife might bring somebody, and the wife is worried the husband might bring somebody, and the situation might escalate. So you’re starting a marriage with bouncers, and you’re ending a marriage with bouncers. Can you imagine what is happening in this country?”

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