Corporate Security

We provide smart, well trained guards to our clients. We ensure the guards are physically trained including fore fighting, advanced defense techniques, first aid and professional manners.
Security Services

Denetim provides the following services in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore

  1. Corporate Security 
  2. Industrial Security

  4. Bouncer Services 
  5. Residential Security 
  6. Banks / ATM’s
  7. Static Guards (Armed/Unarmed)
  8. Patrol Guards (Armed/Unarmed)
  9. Escorts Services (Armed/Unarmed)
  10. Event Security/Industrial Security
  11. ATM Security
  12. Security Supervisors
  13. Gunmen

We provide security guards for short term and long term secuirty needs.
Denetim provides security for manufacturing, commercial, residential, warehousing,transportation, petrochemical and various other industries