Close protection Officers Armed for security of Spiritual Leaders in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

Vrindavan is a known city in Uttar Pradesh. The area is known to be holy in many ways. Denetim provides ex-army armed close protection officers i.e bodyguards for security of such revered and important spiritually known heads of Vrindavan. The ex-servicemen are stationed there for 24 hours and are available with the client throughout the day and when required even at night.

Ex-army armed security

The security service requires monitoring crowds , entry and exits of visitors and managing general peace in the surroundings.

Trained Ex-armymen

Vrindavan is a small town not very far from the capital Delhi and part of the biggest state of India – Uttar Pradesh. This is a very well known city in the heartland of India.

Armed Security


The importance of hiring bodyguards for general protection is increasing and the need to handle situations of varying kind is leading to such hire. Security Services at such places is always peaceful but management and general protection of known people is becoming even more important in this populated country  with Uttar Pradesh being on of the most populated states of the country.

Ex-Army CPO

Armed Close Protection officer

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