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Armed Personal Security officers – Ex-servicemen for protection of International Traveler from London in Punjab, India

Denetim Services provided armed ex-servicemen for protection and day to day movement for an London based NRI visiting hometown in Punjab. The armed security personnel have all India gun license, have been verified and can be trusted with complete confidentiality. Most International visitors to India who wish to visit rural India and need some support, .. read more

Bodyguard Bouncers and Armed Personal Security Officers for protection in Jaipur, Rajasthan

A team of personal security officers(PSOs) and Bodyguard Bouncers were present in Jaipur, Rajasthan for protection of a VVIP Guest from Mumbai. Jaipur is not far from New Delhi,the capital of India and therefore the best teams can be organized locally or supplemented with security men from Delhi. All Bodyguard Bouncers started the duty at .. read more

Bollywood Celebrities attending a Luxury Brand show in Mumbai. Security Bodyguard Bouncers providing complete cover at the event

Denetim Services has been providing security services to this luxury company for couple of years for security protection of celebrities attending the event. All bodyguard bouncers hired for this event have more than 5 years of experience with celebrity protection in Mumbai. Most celebrities prefer bouncers who are professional,experienced,well trained and follow the protection rules .. read more

Armed Ex-Servicemen with All India License for Bollywood Celebrity protection in Rajasthan, India

Denetim Services provided six ex-servicemen for protection of a bollywood celebrity in Sirohi, Rajasthan which is near Jodhpur. The team of ex-servicemen dressed in safari suit for protection of celebrity left for Rajasthan a day in advance and protected the celebrity from the point of arrival till departure to Jodhpur airport. Every PSO or Ex-Servicemen, .. read more

Armed Personal Security Officers and Unarmed Bodyguards for Industrialist duty in Jharkhand

Denetim Services has 5 men from across the country working in Jharkhand for a industrialist. Protecting Office space and factory control is the main duty of the armed personal security officers hired. All Armed are ex-servicemen and from Punjab. With a good track record and disciplined service. The unarmed bodyguards also known as Bouncers are .. read more

Bodyguard Bouncer Security Services in Mumbai for VVIP Persons

Denetim Services provides bodyguard bouncers for hire all over Mumbai for events , marriages, general protection and celebrity protection. There are many new millennials’ that hire bouncers for visits to clubs and parties all over Mumbai. These bouncers are available all night for security and stay alert throughout the period. Bodyguard Bouncers nowadays is a .. read more

New world problems now require Bouncers, Armed Security Officers for more than protection in India

Recently, we as a security agency in India find that people have been making calls for hiring bouncers or armed protection for more than the usual need of hiring such protection officers. The new world has new problems and one needs to adapt and understand what is going on that is making people make calls .. read more

Bodyguard Bouncers for VVIP Security in Celebration event in New Delhi

The best bodyguard bouncers are hired and deployed for security services in event security for VVIPs. Bouncers are the best way to showcase class, luxury and importance in any event. This is the reason why many newer breed of rich people have started hiring personal security officer and bouncers  as personal bodyguards for protection and .. read more

Bouncer Security Services for Diwali Party in South Delhi

Denetim Services provided educated bouncers for security services at entrance of a diwali party held in South Delhi. The bouncers managed the guest register and controlled the entrances throughout the late night party. Most A-Lister events held in Delhi require educated and trained bouncers, who can communicate and handle entrances, block unlisted persons, communicate with .. read more

Armed Ex-Army Personal Security Officer (PSO) for VVIP Protection in Cochin, Kerala

Armed Ex-Army Personal Security officer Ex-man Daljeet Singh and Ex-man Gurmeet Singh are deployed for security protection in city of Cochin, Kerala. Protecting the VVIP and the famous people of the country requires the best security officers with best training and experience. We at Denetim feel that Ex-Servicemen are the best possible hire for safety .. read more