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Security requirement in Delhi – Explained

These are the statistics* of Delhi that should help you analyse why its important to keep good security:- S no Particulars Amount   1 Population of Delhi 1,65,00,000 ( 1.65 crores)   2 Number of Policemen 83,000   3  Delhi Residents per Policemen  165   Delhi as a city has got the largest area in India .. read more

Secuirty Guard Providers need to take care of the safety and security

Security Guard providers need to be very careful of the method used for improving security and ensuring safety. There have been many cases of gunmen using their arms at the heat of the moment and causing death accidentally of innocent people. We are very selective and follow certain parameters for selecting Gunmen , Personal Security .. read more

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Personal Security Officer in Delhi

PROTECTION , PEACE OF MIND, COMPLETE SAFETY   SPECIALLY TRAINED SECURITY FOR MANAGEMENT AND PROTECTION OF :- VVIPS AGED PARENTS, FAMILY MEMBERS CHILDREN FEMALE MEMBERS PERSONS UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT   DENETIM SERVICES has security officers / security management staff that supports families during tough periods of hospital visits, aged parents requiring assistance and .. read more