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New world problems now require Bouncers, Armed Security Officers for more than protection in India

Recently, we as a security agency in India find that people have been making calls for hiring bouncers or armed protection for more than the usual need of hiring such protection officers. The new world has new problems and one needs to adapt and understand what is going on that is making people make calls .. read more

Bouncer Security Services for Diwali Party in South Delhi

Denetim Services provided educated bouncers for security services at entrance of a diwali party held in South Delhi. The bouncers managed the guest register and controlled the entrances throughout the late night party. Most A-Lister events held in Delhi require educated and trained bouncers, who can communicate and handle entrances, block unlisted persons, communicate with .. read more

Marriage Security – Bouncers, Armed Ex-servicemen and Security Guards

Finest and most trusted security officers for security during marriages anywhere in India. Denetim Services has bouncers, PSOs, Armed security for security services anywhere in India. Security personnel are available on hire even at short notice. Protection for kids,family members, other guests, Protection from any untoward event before or during the marriage ceremony.

Car Driver Services-Luxury Car Driver

Most people look for a driver the moment they buy a  automatic car. As the country is growing there is a steep requirement of automatic car driver in Delhi Ncr , But the question arises – what should one look for in an car driver and how will one fulfill there requirements of a car .. read more

Companions for Old People – care for elderly at home

We might be in a different country and parents in a different. We require someone trustworthy to live with them. Someone who can live warmly and be of great support system by just being there with the elderly.    COMPANIONSHIP FOR OLD PEOPLE Safe, verified youngsters People you can trust – college goers, students etc .. read more

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Security requirement in Delhi – Explained

These are the statistics* of Delhi that should help you analyse why its important to keep good security:- S no Particulars Amount   1 Population of Delhi 1,65,00,000 ( 1.65 crores)   2 Number of Policemen 83,000   3  Delhi Residents per Policemen  165   Delhi as a city has got the largest area in India .. read more