Bouncers including female bouncers for event security in Gurugram, Haryana

Bouncers for event security in Gurugram  Denetim provided security services for a major event held in Gurugram ( formerly known as Gurgaon) Haryana. The bouncers included female bouncers at the entry gate for ensuring checking for every female entrant. The bouncers have good experience and are trained to manage any situation. Bouncers now are hired for every event not just for security but also for administration and support throughout the event.

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The security for the event also required Metal Detectors. Door Metal Detectors, Walkie Talkies. These were arranged by us on the request of the client. Almost Every Bouncer was requried to carry a walkie talkie to be available for any instructions that could not be communicated as the event was on a large scale covering a big distance with more than 1000 visitors .



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The bouncers stood throughout the 8-9 hour period in the heat without fail. Despite the scorching summer running temperatures of more than 40 Degrees Celsius, the bouncers were active and provided the security required at the event.

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