Bouncers Hired for Bollywood Celebrity Store Opening in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Event Security Services  for celebrity inaugurations happening anywhere require a security plan, a time table and many meetings before the event to finalize the setting, the timing and everything related. Events in India are becoming extremely professional and well organised, almost upto the international standards. Specifically events comprising of  visits by known celebrities in cities such as Mumbai, which is the bollywood capital of India.


Bouncers are becoming an important asset for any crowd event that will need good management and control throughout. This event is for on of the leading brands opening its new store in Mumbai, which is being inaugurated by one of the biggest bollywood celebrity’s of India.

Bouncers hired cover the whole event starting from the entrances including the whole circumference of the building, even the gates and the staircases are managed by bouncers.

Mumbai being the city where almost all big celebrities live has also the most professionally trained and best experienced bouncers, the management and protection of celebrities from massive crowds provides some of the best on job training to the security teams. Such work experience comes in handy when we are hired for known events around India.

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