Bouncer Security Services for Diwali Party in South Delhi

Denetim Services provided educated bouncers for security services at entrance of a diwali party held in South Delhi. The bouncers managed the guest register and controlled the entrances throughout the late night party. Most A-Lister events held in Delhi require educated and trained bouncers, who can communicate and handle entrances, block unlisted persons, communicate with press journalists and other media journalists present.

Bouncers hired for events such as parties, dinners have excellent communication and patience to handle any situation. We work hard to give the best security personnel for security and protection.

Bouncers are muscular and dressed in black. The refined and educated bouncers are the best possible security and safety one can arrange for a house party, A lister Event, family gathering, school kids meeting, relatives gathering at home.

Best Bouncers hired for events are meant to be the ones that have worked brilliantly in previous security events held, have an unblemished security record and can handle any form of contingency.


One can easily notice the bouncers are dressed in smart black attire, have shoes polished and are capable enough to be part of any luxury gathering. In Winters the dress code changes to Black formal suit with coat.

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