Bouncer for Airport Pickup, sightseeing in Mumbai, Goa

Denetim Services provides the best trained , English speaking bouncers, bodyguards for hire, Close Protection Officers, Private Security for security in Mumbai and Goa during:-

  1.  Airport Pick up and Drop

  2.  Sightseeing and Visiting the city – Old Mumbai, Untraveled Goa

  3.  International Events, Meetings or Conferences

  4.  Other Security Requirements


The bodyguards will report at the given time at the airport and be stationed as required outside the hotel, restaurant, meeting corporate office. Every Bodyguard is trained to handle any security issue that can arise during the trip.


Mostly the security requirement is from Airport Pick up to Airport Drop. We need to know about the dates, places to be visited in advance.

Bouncers are generally better built than Close protection Officers. Bouncers are unarmed security, more of crowd control, media control is the work of Bouncers. Personal Security Officers are armed ex-servicemen that are older and more matured than civilian bouncers.

Every Security personnel hired will have good experience, will be courteous and have a team to assist in case the need arises.

The charges are customized according to the timings, period and the number of security personnel required. The dress code will be suits, the security will carry there identification with them always.

In the fast paced movement in Mumbai and the location of the airport in Goa, it is becoming imperative to hire trained security from the moment of your arrival. Most International Flights land after midnight in Mumbai and therefore hiring security helps in giving assistance to reaching your destination.


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