Bodyguards for Bollywood Celebrity in Delhi and Mumbai

Denetim Services provided security bodyguards for event held in Delhi and Mumbai for Bollywood Actress from well known movies.

Security for Celebrity

Bodyguard Bouncers for celebrity have two very important duties to perform:-

  1. Provide round the clock cover to the celebrity so that no audience, crowd member can cause any unexpected issue.
  2. Ensuring that the timetable of reaching the venue and its organused events is streamlined for the celebrity to reach effectively on time.

Bollywood Celebrity

Most Bollywood celebrities keep traveling Delhi and Mumbai almost weekly if not less frequently. We have managed the tough schedules from airports of the two cities to provide 24/7 security cover and protection for easy movement of celebrities.


Experienced Luxury Bodyguards


Celebrity security is very different from crowd security or exhibition. event security. The reasons are important to understand to properly define the commitment we take to provide security for such important persons ( VVIP, Celebrities).

  1. Celebrity Security requires trained, educated and experience security officers, bouncers or bodyguards
  2. Celebrity Security has much more media attention and therefore, a good experienced coordinating team is required
  3. There is no room for error and therefore extreme precaution is taken in every effort. The briefing given my the celebrity team or the PR Team is understood with clarity for proper execution.