Bodyguards Bouncers including female bouncers hired for corporate event in Gurugram, Haryana

Denetim Services provided bodyguards bouncers for a real estate corporate event held in a hotel in Gurugram, Haryana also known as National Capital Region ( NCR ) Delhi. Now entrances and general functioning of the whole event is managed by trained and experienced bodyguards hired for one day. Most duties in such cases are provided for a period of 8-10 hours.





Male Bodyguard Bouncer for hire

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Bodyguard Bouncers including Female Security Bouncers for hire in India

The number of events and crowd management scenarios handled by these bouncers including female bouncers is enough for Denetim to streamline the whole event and able to provide exceptional results for smooth role of functions during the event.

Female bouncers are hired for managing women who are visiting such large events, their entry and exit, the general decorum, the seating arrangement is all supervised, supported and controlled by female bouncers.

All staff male and female bouncers are always dressed in Black – Male bouncers are wearing Safari suit – depending on the weather it is generally full sleeves with coat or half sleeves. Female bouncers are always wearing full sleeves black suit for any event for any security occasion.

Hire of Bodyguard Bouncers male or female for events, functions, marriages is becoming not just common but also almost mandatory. The company experience, effort to provide quality security services, branding and experience is extremely important when hiring bodyguards. We have always deployed trustworthy, verifiable staff. The results are evident in the demeanour, the behavior and the testimonials of our clients.




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