Bodyguards, Bouncers for security services at Marriage Ceremony

Denetim Services provided bodyguards and bouncers for event security at a marriage ceremony in Delhi. A team of 4 bouncers had gone to the event to manage entrance gate, crowds entrance, dance floor area and other administrative requirements raised by the family that hired our team.

Bodyguards security at marriage ceremony

The team reached even before the first guest arrived and was available for duty till the end of the ceremony. The security services were managed by the security supervisor who was present to manage any concerns raised by the organizers of the event.

Discplined Bouncers at security in Delhi

Nowadays, hiring bouncers adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to the whole event. The bouncers are discplined, trained and can handle every situation without swiftness, agility and proper instructions.

marriage event security


Bouncers, Bodyguards for marriage security

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